The UEFA Europa League just broke up

As the Premier League BIG 6 collectively “jumped from side to side”, the Milan duo also announced their withdrawal. The UEFA Super League finally braked with one foot over the threshold and announced the suspension of the project. The “biggest melon” in European football that fans saw for the first time in this life seems to be coming to an end.

There is no doubt that the top-level order of European football has been split in fact . Back then, the G14 version of the UEFA Super League had not yet come to the birth of this step, it was still dead with Barcelona’s rebellion. And this time, with the G12 version of the European Super League landing in the early hours of Monday morning, the twelve giants are already standing on the top of the mountain, and the decoration of the Juyi Hall has been installed seven or eight. It’s just that UEFA and all stakeholders have exerted their utmost efforts and used all means to exert pressure, and finally forced the situation that has been suspended in the air and has begun to enter a state of free fall back.

Among the methods, there are economic, political, and emotional.

Multi-pronged approach, Europa League suspension

The first is the fans. The Premier League’s top six finally changed their minds, and the club’s basic set, the attitude of the fans, was one of the key factors . Since the announcement of the UEFA Super League official, the extreme protests from the British people have been like a tsunami. Before the English Premier League match between Chelsea and Brighton this morning, a large number of angry Chelsea fans crowded outside Stamford Bridge to protest, even if Chief Technology Officer Cech came out to appease the emotions. The two sides were in a stalemate for nearly two hours, and the game was forced to be postponed for 15 minutes. See the big from the small. Although the capital has been operating in the Premier League for many years, the bosses may still underestimate the British people’s emphasis on the word “tradition”.

On April 20, 2021, the 32nd round of the 20/21 Premier League, Chelsea 0-0 Brighton, fans gathered to protest Chesi’s entry into the UEFA Champions League, Cech came forward to communicate with the fans

Of course, just relying on the voice of the fans is not enough, just as fans make “Luoyang Longmen” into “Henan Songshan Longmen” at most. Without funds or material support, the name “Henan Jianye” will not survive in the end. Suning also It has become a historical term. A few hours before the suspension of the UEFA Super League, the rumored news was that UEFA had invited the London Financial Street to reach a cooperation agreement with an investment fund from the United Kingdom, which would increase the budget base of the UEFA Champions League in the next few years. Some say 45 Billion euros, even 7 billion euros .

The numbers may be inaccurate, but it is not important. Anyway, the US dollar is money, and the euro is money like the British pound. UEFA’s “overweight” to the Champions League should be something that will happen in the future, but the background of the payer may be different. There is also the gossip that UEFA has promised a lot of money in exchange for the betrayal of the Premier League’s top six-whether the news is true or false, but a universal truth is: for what it is, it will be for what it is. go with.

There is also the invisible hand that no one can ignore: politics. Just as the Premier League club official announced his withdrawal from the European Union and wrote a statement: “We have listened carefully to the reactions of the fans, the British government and other major stakeholders…” It takes a lot of bargaining chips to fight this “European Champions League defense”. Lorentino has planned to raise the capital for a long time, and the European Football Association has created an equal momentum within 48 hours. It is probably not enough to rely on pure commercial means.

What’s more, the cracks in the European football order system can only be repaired by orderly and political means. The core members of the two major EU systems, Germany and France, did not stand on the side of the European Super League at the beginning. In the end, it was they who became the pinnacle of Europe, ensuring that European football was not completely swayed by foreign capital.

What will happen to the loser?

So now, is the matter finished? The UEFA Super League plan has come to an end for the time being, but the aftermath is probably just beginning. As the old story said: It’s easy to pull out the nail in the wall, but there will always be a hole in it. Although it is currently seen that the twelve giants have been divided and broken down by themselves, their “collective mutiny” is also an indisputable fact. It should be appeased and settled. In the chaos of the century, someone has to take responsibility-Manchester United announced Woodward’s departure in advance, which is a signal to take advantage of the situation Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan