In this year’s draft, the Warriors selected James Wiseman with the second overall pick. Obviously, to join a new team, Wiseman must first learn how to get along with the two leaders. Within 24 hours of joining the Warriors, Wiseman had already felt the difference between Curry and Draymond Green.

After the Warriors selected Wiseman in the NBA Draft, Curry and Draymond Green both showed their favor to the new team. “When I was selected, Draymond Green said,’Hey, rookie, no one remembers it the next day after you were selected, so get ready to work.'” Wiseman said. And Nick Mannion, who was selected in the second round, said in an interview, “Stephen Curry sent me a text message and said some words of encouragement.”

In May of this year, in a show, Green once said that Curry is the real leader of the team because he is very selfless. As early as high school, Wiseman felt Curry’s influence. He once participated in Curry’s training camp.

“It was a great moment. I went to his training camp and he taught me a lot of things that were hard to learn,” Wiseman said. “Really, he gave me advice at the time. All the players who participated in the training camp gave me advice. He said that I should devote myself to the game and don’t take it for granted. I learned a lot from him. “

As we all know, Dreamcatcher Green often yells at his teammates. At the press conference, some media personnel once warned Wiseman jokingly, and Warriors General Manager Miles said, “Wiseman, you need to understand. When Green yells at you or Mannion, he still loves you, he just wants to win too much, don’t take it to your heart. He yells at me too, I don’t think he will Shout to the team’s chief executive, Lacob. He will definitely do Cole, he will do this to all his teammates, he will do this to Curry, and the media, he is such a person, but He is a winner, so you will want to learn something from him.”

After the draft, Miles said in an interview that Green is an ideal mentor for Wiseman and can improve his defensive ability. Although Green’s body is more like a striker, he often defends the opposing big center.

Wiseman is 2.15 meters tall and weighs 112 kilograms. In many cases, he needs to change the opponent’s small player. Both Miles and the Warriors believe that Wiseman is in a very good learning environment and Wiseman also has a very good learning attitude. Wiseman also said in an interview, “I can’t wait to play, I can’t wait to get to work, I can’t wait to be with my teammates.”

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  1. After the draft, Miles said in an interview that Green is an ideal mentor for Wiseman and can improve his defensive ability.

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