On November 29, local time, Buenos Aires police searched the home and office of personal doctor Leopoldo Luque in Maradona and said that he would be investigated for “negligent homicide”. Local police said the investigation aimed to find out whether there were medical negligence and dereliction of duty during Luke’s recovery from surgery in Maradona, which led to the death of Maradona.
According to the mirror, Maradona’s nurse, who was in charge of caring for him, admitted that he had lied in previous reports, which also attracted attention from the outside world.
At present, the investigation of Maradona’s death continues. The police asked Maradona’s family members on the 28th to understand the condition and treatment progress of Maradona during hospitalization.
After Maradona’s death, his three children sued doctor Luke together, arguing that he should not have been discharged from the hospital a week after his brain thrombosis surgery. Facing the media, Luke said “I have done what I can and can’t do” and stressed that “Maradona is like my father”.
The nurse confessed to lying: Maradona was not examined the day he died
According to the autopsy report provided by the Argentine police, Maradona was a normal death, not a murder as some people suspect. However, there are still many doubts about the details of the death of a generation of world champions. According to the mirror, Maradona’s nurse, who was in charge of caring for him, admitted that he had lied in previous reports, which also attracted attention.
Maradona has been resting at home since surgery for a cerebral thrombosis earlier this month and has hired a team of nurses on a 24-hour duty to look after his daily life. According to a report from midom, a private health care company responsible for sending nurses, male nurses on the night shift checked Maradona at about 6:30 a.m., and everything was OK. Then a female nurse took over. At about 7:30, she heard Maradona go to the toilet, but did not further enter the old horse’s room to confirm the situation. The nurse went to Maradona’s room around 9:20 to try to check the latter’s condition, but was refused.
However, in the face of a recent inquiry by police investigators, the nurse denied the report and admitted that she had lied. According to the mirror, she said she did not enter Maradona’s room that morning and claimed she had lied about the report. “The witness pointed out that she was forced to produce a report for midom,” the investigators said. In the report, she claimed that she was doing her best to take care of Maradona. But in fact, she just let Maradona rest. ”
So far, midom has not responded. Maradona’s lawyer, mora, had previously posted an article on his personal social media account, questioning that Maradona’s team had a major dereliction of duty in nursing. “For the medical investigation report of Maradona, there is one thing that cannot be explained: in 12 hours, he did not get professional care and care, which is a stupid crime.”
Private doctors admit they often quarrel with Maradona, but they are like father and son
Maradona’s private doctor, Luke, was also investigated for “manslaughter” by the police. Later, in response to the Argentine media, he said: “after all I did for Maradona, the police came to my house. I opened the door with my wife and family and gave the police everything they wanted, like my cell phone, etc. They also took my medical records. ” “It’s the job of the police and I’m not going to criticize them,” Luke said. But I know what I did and how I did it. As for Maradona, I’m absolutely sure that until the last moment, I made the best choice for him, and I did my best
A cordon was also set up outside the building where the clinic is located during the investigation by local police at Dr. Luke’s clinic (Reuters)

A cordon was also set up outside the building where the clinic is located during the investigation by local police at Dr. Luke's clinic (Reuters)

Maradona’s three daughters accuse Luke of having an argument with her father, so she may have given the wrong medical advice when she was out of control. Luke admitted that he had a dispute with Maradona: “Maradona hated doctors and psychiatrists, but he got along with me differently. Because I was sincere, I never asked to take a picture with him. Before meeting me, Maradona had a lot of problems and he needed help. Maradona kicked me out of his house many times and then called me. Our relationship is like a grumpy father and son. Maradona won’t listen to anyone in my absence. Let’s just say that stupid thing.
“I went to see him that day and he was not feeling well and he drove everyone out,” he said. I went in and he said he didn’t want to see anyone. Who can be by his side at this time? It’s just me. He said he was going to be quiet and I said get him out of bed when Maradona didn’t even want to see his daughters. He eventually kicked me out, but I knew he needed me, and maybe I was the only one who could help him
“I did everything I could, but Maradona could destroy everything”
Luke continued, “I took Maradona to the hospital. I took him from the bedroom to the hospital. Maradona’s danger was in the lungs, not in the heart. My task is to make Maradona as aware of the risks as possible I’ve done everything I can, but Maradona can destroy everything. There’s nothing we can do
Luke also denied that Maradona’s discharge from hospital after surgery was related to his sudden death from a heart attack. “That’s a lie. No one has made a medical mistake. Maradona died of heart disease, the most lethal condition of his type. All we do is to reduce the probability of his illness. The treatment in the hospital was perfect and we operated on him. We’ve been hospitalizing him for as many days as possible, but it’s not a rehabilitation center after all
Luke revealed that Maradona was in a low mood before his death. “He missed his parents very much, and I was with him all the time. For a long time, he has been very sad, he used his own way to punish me. I don’t allow him to do that. I’m not a doctor, I’m a friend. Whenever Maradona locks himself in the house, I show up. I am proud of what I have done for Maradona and his family. I don’t know why anyone thinks I’m a criminal, because I never look at myself like that. ”
At the end, Luke said with tears in his eyes, “Maradona is the bravest man for better or for worse, and no one can control him. My responsibility to Maradona is to love him, take care of him and extend his life as long as possible. ” On November 3, local time, Maradona, who was in hospital, was found to have a subdural hematoma in his brain and was discharged from hospital quickly after surgery. On November 25, Maradona died of cardiac arrest at the age of 60.

By Ethan