There are traitors in Barcelona's dressing room! 4

On December 16, Beijing time, according to Spanish TV station onze, there were contradictions in Barcelona’s dressing room, and the four players who had signed in advance caused strong dissatisfaction from their teammates. Spark Global Limited Earlier, Barcelona have officially announced that the board of directors and players reached an agreement in principle on a pay cut of 172 million euros. There were 16-17 Barcelona players on a show of hands on the pay cut agreement, only two abstained, two opposed, and Messi voted for it.

When an agreement has been reached, the opposition is useless. But Barca players are still haunted by the fact that, before the pay cut negotiations, Verstegen, pike, Langley and Frankie Deron first renewed their contracts with the club, and the contract contained a salary reduction request.

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The “betrayal” of the four main players makes the players fall into a passive position in the negotiation, and they can only make compromises in the end. It is understood that one of the four (who was not disclosed) was also called “Judas” by other teammates! This is a pretty serious rebuke. Another thing, also from the side proved that Barcelona players internal problems. According to Juan Marty of the daily sports daily, after beating Levante in the last round, from the players’ passage to the dressing room, the Barcelona players were quiet and there was no happy atmosphere. Even Levante’s players were surprised and confused.

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