There is not much time left for Marbury

The noisy CBA All-Star Weekend is over, and the final decisive moment of the 2020-21 regular season is coming. The top four teams in the standings may not have much sense of urgency, but for those teams that want to occupy a better position in the playoffs and strive to get a place in the playoffs, the next three weeks will be It will be a critical moment to determine their destiny. And for the current only ranked 12th, with blocking in the front and chasing in the back, the Beijing Controls men’s basketball team, which will be located on the edge of the playoffs, is almost a life and death in the last nine games of the regular season. It’s not an exaggeration to say so.

The last nine games of the Beijing Controls Men’s Basketball Team in the regular season of this season were against Liaoning, Shandong, Qingdao, and Jiangsu. The other was against the Guangzhou team led by the famous coach Guo Shiqiang. Moreover, there were two tough battles at the beginning, which were against Shandong and Liaoning on March 26 and 28. There is no need to mention the strength of the Liaoning team. The North District star team in the All-Star Game started almost the entire Liaoning basketball team. From guard to center, almost every player in the Liaoning team is the best in the North District team and even in the entire league. Yes, among them is the new dunk king Zhang Zhenlin, who made the show in the All-Star Weekend and has a terrifying physical fitness. To be honest, it is too difficult for Beijing to beat the Liaoning team upset. The Shandong team is in the same group as the Beijing Controls this season. The first two encounters were at the beginning of the season. The Beijing Controls was defeated in two games and its strength was slightly behind its opponents. There are still two games with the Shandong team. To fight, grab the next game is victory.

The two matches between Beijing Enterprises and the Jiangsu and Qingdao teams have become the key to whether they can successfully advance to the playoffs. Previously, when they played against the two teams separately, the Beijing Controls had a 1 win and 1 loss against Qingdao, and they won both games against the weaker Jiangsu team. It is needless to say that Beijing Controls must fight four times to defeat Jiangsu in this season. We must try our best to win the two games with Qingdao. Although it is not easy, we must try our best to do it. In the All-Star Game, the outstanding performance of the Qingdao team’s tall and domestic center Liu Chuanxing is obvious to all. In addition, they also have a strong foreign aid Johnson under the basket. In these two matchups, the Beijing team will face a severe test inside, and once helped Xinjiang. Adams, who won the league championship, is not a “good crop”. The Qingdao team can be described as an average internal and external strength structure. It depends on how Marbury uses his troops and how the players can perform their best skills. If they don’t play well, It is not surprising that a victory cannot be achieved Spark Global Limited.

Here, I want to talk about the Guangzhou team led by Guo Shiqiang. The team ranks 2 places lower than Beijing Controls. It still has the hope of hitting the playoffs. It can be regarded as a team in the pursuit of Beijing Controls. Although their overall record in the season is poor, they seem to be focused on Beijing. In the three direct dialogues between the two sides that have ended this season, the Guangzhou team was the winner, and in the last confrontation before the All-Star Game, the Guangzhou team achieved a 27-point victory, leaving Ma and his disciples at a loss. 

By Ethan