shine trader limited reports

shine trader limited reports:

The Lakers defeated the Rockets 119-117 at home. Anthony Davis scored 27 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists and 8 free throws for 11 of 18 shots. He played a mainstay role in the interior in the second half and used defense to help the Lakers stabilize the victory at the critical moment.

shine trader limited reports
shine trader limited reports

The rockets that the Lakers faced at the beginning of today were completely different from the last game, and the pressure on defense increased. Davis gave up the inside space to LeBron and Wesson, opened the connection by himself, and continued to hit jump shots, becoming the main driver of the Lakers’ attack. But the Lakers did not play an advantage. The Rockets were very aggressive, making it difficult for the Lakers to deal with defense. Davis didn’t play for too long, because he was replaced in advance after two fouls. He scored 11 points and 3 rebounds for 5 of 7 in the first quarter.

After Davis played in the second quarter, he also continued to launch fast break cooperation with LeBron and put on various air connections. But the Lakers can’t resist the impact of the Rockets. Both teams have fast points. Davis was fouled in 5 minutes and 24 seconds, but he accidentally stepped on his opponent’s foot and fell to the ground for a time, which surprised the Lakers.

Fortunately, he was fine. He could continue to shoot free throws after he got up, but he didn’t score two free throws. Davis got 15 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists in the first half. His defensive enthusiasm was worried and was likely affected by the previous twisting of his foot.

Davis didn’t start at the beginning of the second half, but he soon replaced little Jordan, which relieved the fans. But the Lakers didn’t fight back. I’m afraid Davis was not satisfied with the team’s defense and had some disputes with Bradley. He didn’t score on the outside line in 8 minutes and 39 seconds, and the long pass that grabbed the rebound was also robbed.

After the suspension, the Lakers robbed the Rockets in a row. Davis took the opportunity to score 8 points in a row. His ability to end under the basket is trustworthy. He and Williams lost the Lakers’ most important scoring point in the third quarter, helping the Lakers narrow the gap, but the Lakers got nothing on the outside, and the attack was still out of balance.

LeBron’s awakening at the end of the quarter allowed the Lakers to continue to exert pressure and successfully reverse the score. Although LeBron is 37, his impact is no less than that of Davis in the third quarter. LeBron and Wesson reduced the same game, but Davis was there all the time. He won the front plate in 4 minutes and 35 seconds. He steals Tate in 3:55 and green in 2:13. After the pause, he assists LeBron to score the center shot and makes a foul after winning the key front board.

But after that, the Rockets scored three points in a row, and the Lakers’ lead was quickly eroded to only one point left. The suspense lasted until the end. After monk’s free throw, the Rockets didn’t score a three-point winner, and the Lakers won the victory.


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