shine trader live reports

shine trader live reports:

The Lakers lost 115-123 to the thunder on the road. Anthony Davis scored 30 points and 8 rebounds for 12 of 22 shots, but still failed to prevent his opponent from reversing.

In the absence of LeBron, Davis is more important at both ends of attack and defense. Davis fired decisively at the beginning of the game, opened the middle distance, and completed the air contact with Wei Shao under the basket.

He hit all his first three shots and caused Alexander to foul and make two free throws, which is very efficient. The Lakers paid great attention to the space position, which made it quite easy for him to dominate the basket and crush his opponents all the way. Although Wei Shao came to an end, Davis and Rondo could still play air to ground cooperation. Davis scored 12 points and 3 rebounds in 5 of 7 in the first quarter, and his efficiency reached + 19.

Davis returned in the second half of the second quarter, and the Lakers had a big lead. The lax defense made the opponent score 37 points in a single quarter. Davis scored 2 + 1 under the basket in 3 minutes and 28 seconds, which was his only goal in the second quarter.

The Lakers obviously didn’t wake up in the third quarter. Wei Shao’s strong attack efficiency with the ball decreased, giving the thunder a chance to counterattack. The Lakers’ big score advantage was quickly eroded, and Davis failed to get a mobile phone meeting for a long time. After the interval pause, the Lakers stabilized the rhythm. Monk and Davis robbed their opponents one after another and fought back. Davis also assisted Bradley to score three points.

He finally succeeded in the jump shot again in 5:35, but the only reliable scoring point for the Lakers in the second half of the quarter was him. He could only see the thunder chasing closer and closer and surpassing the score in the end. The Lakers scored only eight points in the second half of the quarter, all from Davis.

At the end of the quarter, the Lakers’ offensive efficiency did not improve. Wei Shao made mistakes again and again, and others continued to strike the iron. It was not until 6 minutes and 45 seconds that Davis assisted bezmore to lay up the basket, breaking the Lakers’ scoring shortage of four minutes, but the Lakers’ firepower outside the restricted area was still close to nonexistent. In the end, Davis could only watch his teammates work in vain on the outside again and again, and failed to reverse the decline in the end.

By Ethan