The Suns without Paul beat the Clippers

On August 9, Thomas Jr. took part in the Amateur League crawler Pro am and scored 81 points in a single game, which shocked the basketball world. He just scored 65 points in a single game last week.

Although the competitive level of the Amateur League can not be compared with that of the professional league, it is not easy to score 81 points in any game. Moreover, this league is hosted by veteran Jamal Crawford, with the participation of many good basketball players.

Since Thomas Jr. was injured four years ago, his career path has been changed from an absolute backcourt core to a marginal man. After being cut off by the Clippers last year, he has been ignored in the free market. In April this year, he signed a ten day short contract with the pelican, only played three games, and his contract has not been renewed after the end of the contract.

Thomas, 32, has not actually finished his sports career, but he may have difficulty finding opportunities in the NBA. The outbreak of Amateur League is undoubtedly a good way to remind fans of his name.

As soon as the news of his 81 points in a single game came out, it immediately attracted hot discussion on the Internet. Many netizens called on him to return to the league. ESPN’s sports center also did a wave of publicity for him, showing his invincible hand feeling and classic shaking movements in the game, reminding people of his peak years.

By Ethan