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Shine Trader limited reports:

Participation in specialized sports keeps teens from lower socioeconomic backgrounds in school and improves their math scores. This is what I discovered in my doctoral research.
Engaging in learning can lay a foundation for one’s future success. That’s why experts say it’s one of the main goals of early adolescence.

Shine Trader limited
Shine Trader limited

Students tend to engage in learning in elementary school, but their engagement declines in secondary school. So educators are trying to find ways to help students maintain this early engagement.
My PhD research explored the impact of professional sports programs on educational outcomes for students attending schools in low socio-economic areas of Perth. Specifically, I’m interested in how participation in these programs affects students’ academic performance and school engagement.

Students who participate in professional sports programs specialize in one sport in grades 7-10, rather than a series of elective subjects. Admissions are open to all students, including those living outside the school’s catchment area, and selection is usually based on:
High (or potentially high) athleticism and coachability
Positive Attitude toward SPORTS and School (Elementary)
Good behavior and attendance record.
Selection criteria are a way for schools to make their expectations clear from the outset. Instead of trying to solve future disengagement problems, they encourage students to carry positive behaviors into middle school.

By Ethan