shine trader limited reports

shine trader limited reports:

The Charlotte Hornets made a good start in the preseason. Bauer got 15 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists. Hayward got 7 points. They led the team to score double points. The Hornets established a big score advantage in the first half. They won the Oklahoma City Thunder 113-97 away.

Hornets’ Bennett got 20 points and 4 rebounds, Bauer got 15 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, Washington got 14 points and 4 rebounds, bridges got 13 points and 5 rebounds, McDaniels got 12 points and 7 rebounds, Rozier got 11 points and 4 assists, and Hayward got 7 points. The thunder’s giddy got 18 points and 7 rebounds, Wiggins got 12 points, DORT got 11 points, bokuseviski got 11 points and 4 rebounds, and Alexander got 9 points and 4 assists.

After the opening 7 draws, Hayward led the team to play a small climax of 7-2 in three points. Alexander hit back 4 points, Washington and ubre hit back 5 points, and the Hornets kept ahead. After the two teams got a few points, the thunder suddenly attacked the dumb fire. Hayward and Smith led the team to end the first quarter with a 12-0 climax, and the Hornets took the lead 34-18.

After the beginning of the second quarter, the two teams increased points alternately. Boku seveski scored 5 points, dolt also hit three points, and the thunder chased 38-48. Rozier and Smith returned fire by 4 points, Washington opened fire again and scored 5 points. The Hornets took a 57-38 lead four minutes before half-time. Alexander and dolt jointly recovered 7 points, Bauer responded with 5 points, and Mike Daniels finished the second quarter with a 9-0 climax, with the Hornets leading 22 points 67-45.

Powell of the Hornets got 13 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists in the first half, and Washington got 12 points; Thunder’s DORT scored 11 points, Alexander scored 9 points and 4 assists.

Maldon led the team to chase five points soon after the beginning of the third quarter. Bauer and Washington broke through the scores in turn, and the Hornets continued to take the lead. Giddy led the team to take another 5 points in the three points. The Hornets did not want to be outdone and quickly fought back to maintain a large score lead. Richards successfully completed the second attack, and the Hornets ended the first three quarters with a 91-71 lead of 20 points.

The two teams saw through several rounds after the beginning of the last quarter. Bonet scored two goals in a row. The Hornets led 106-84 with four minutes left in the fourth quarter. The 22 point gap made the game lose suspense in advance. Both sides finished with substitutes, and the Hornets finally won 113-97.

By Ethan