Frick wants to leave Bayern to give up

In the second game of the NBA Finals, the Suns had already hit 11 3-points at the end of the second quarter, leading the Bucks 56-45.

The Suns made 11 of 24 three-point shots, Booker made 10 of 5 of 3, bridges made 13 of 6 of 3, Claude made 3 of 3, got 9 of 8 rebounds, and Johnson, the substitute, made 2.

With a good sense of three break-up, the sun in the second quarter played a wave of 30-16, over the score.

In the last game, the Suns made only 11 of 34 three-point shots.

Bucks side, the letter brother got 12 points and 8 rebounds, huoledi 14 shot 3 to get 7 points.

By Ethan