A few days ago, according to domestic media reports, the Jianye Group and several related organizations after many efforts to communicate, finally reached a clear decision on the renaming of the club, that is, the future of the club will remain “Henan”.As for what the full name of the club will be “Henan”, there will be an official announcement in the future.At the same time, Jianye has good news in the signing and contract extension, to give Jianye fans a gift.

Once the news came out, many Jianye felt relieved that their protests and efforts had not been in vain. Before the Jianye official announcement that the club’s new name will be changed to Luoyang Longmen Football Club, is the so-called stone provoked a thousand waves, many Jianye fans after seeing the official announcement began to boycott. They believe that Jianye changed to a neutral name, which is mandatory by the Chinese Football Association, and fans will not interfere and object.

Chinese Football Association

However, Jianye fans could not accept the club’s future neutral name, so they simply dropped the word “Henan” and changed it to Luoyang Longmen Club. This gives them the feeling that Henan Jianye is directly from the provincial team, downgraded to the municipal team So Jianye fans expressed their dissatisfaction through various channels and began a boycott. Jianye fans have become a focus group in Chinese soccer, with almost daily protests.

This lets the building industry club high-level some sit down, began to carry on the internal discussion. Jianye hopes to have the best of both worlds, not only to retain the word “Henan” but also not to let the interests of Luoyang damaged. To build a course of study to communicate with relevant units many times hard should be thought of as a compromise method. In the future, Jianye will wait until the new neutral name scheme is determined, and the club will announce it as soon as possible Spark Global Limited, In addition, let Jianye fans feel gratified is that the team in the recruitment and contract extension work, the future will have significant progress. Jianye has already secured the official signing of dissimulate and sunici, while with wang Shang yuan led by a number of main players completed contract extensions Jianye this series of adjustments is for the next season in the Super League to achieve good results It is hoped that Jianye can achieve this goal and give the fans a long-lost surprise.

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