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The thunder traded the first round No. 16 to the Rockets in exchange for the Rockets’ two future first round signings (from the pistons and wizards respectively). The rockets used this year’s No. 16 to select alperen Shenjing from Turkey.

Alpellen Shenjing (source: Netease sports)

Name: alperen sengun

Birthday: July 25, 2002

Position: Center / power forward

League: Turkey

Height: 6 feet 10 (2 meters 08)

Weight: 243 lbs (110 kg)

Template: Bobby potis / Tom gugliota

Advantages: the center with outstanding confrontation ability has a high basketball IQ. For a player of this stature, his running ability is good and he will not miss any dunk opportunities. He has fought against adults for a long time at the age of teenagers. He is a double double machine, has strong low scoring ability, has excellent steps under the basket, and is also a good cover in pick and roll, Know how to rush down the basket, the ending ability under the basket is also strong, and the feel is soft enough. He is also a good passer in the low post and has a wide field of vision. He is very fierce in front rebounding and is good at making fouls. His free throw hit rate is almost 80%, which also means that he has the opportunity to develop into a spatial insider who can shoot three points. On the defensive side, he is very smart and shows the potential of cooperative defense. He is used to squatting in the face of pick and roll. He is a good blocker, and he is not afraid of confrontation in the low post defense.

Alpellen Shenjing: Turkish iron tower keen on hand to hand combat

Disadvantages: by NBA standards, his athletic ability is slightly mediocre, his height is short for the center, and he is slow to play power forward. The projectile speed is good, but the explosive force is slightly weak. His team is willing to take him as the core, so his data is misleading. He played a lot of garbage time in the low-level League. His free throw percentage shows his shooting potential, but the shooting range is narrow. Almost all the scores come from the restricted area. The jump shot is not stable enough. Defenders with height and athletic ability will target him. At the end of his basket, he will have trouble in the face of large players with strong sports ability. He is used to his right hand and needs to practice his left hand. Making fouls is an important part of his attack, but he may not be able to fully play this skill until he has just entered the NBA and won respect. In addition, the slow lateral movement will hurt him at the defensive end, the pick and roll squatting pit will also be targeted, and the lack of sports ability limits his ability to protect the basket.

By Ethan