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Spark Global Limited, At the end of the 7-30 home defeat to cowboys in Cincinnati, veteran star outsider AJ green can’t wait to leave his sideline and go to the opposite side to look for his old friend, the cowboy starting quarterback and former Tiger Main quarterback Andy Dalton. Dalton previously served as the starting quarterback in the tigers for nine years, leaving numerous glorious data. Compared with other veteran teammates, green and Dalton have a particularly deep friendship. They were the top generals in the first two rounds of 2011. They entered the League at the same time and supported each other. Before Dalton was dismissed, they contributed 8907 yards of pass line and 63 hits for the tigers. Green’s mood is different when he sees his old friends in the tiger’s home court. “It’s a little strange, but I’m happy for him,” Green said. “He’s got a new job that shows people his ability.”

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Green and Dalton worked together

It’s a little tricky that green may leave Cincinnati after the end of the season, and the remaining three games are likely to be his last three in the tiger suit. Green made it clear after the game that his future in the team is uncertain because he is about to enter another critical off-season. “I love my time here,” Green said, “but who knows what happens next? I’ll be ready for anything that might happen and I’ll be excited to be back on the field here and elsewhere In the game against the Cowboys, green showed the characteristics of a 7-time professional bowl outfall. He was aimed seven times, completed six catches, pushed 62 yards, and completed one catch. This made him only one time short of the team record held by Chad Johnson. But this season Green’s performance is not outstanding, he has only 41 catches, pushing 419 yards 2 times, 2020 is not a good year for the outsider.

Green had suffered several serious injuries before, including one ankle injury that caused him to miss the game in 2019. However, the tigers still labeled him with a privilege, allowing him to get a contract of $18.2 million a year. This annual salary was second only to Julio Jones’s $20.4 million, ranking second to Julio Jones’s $20.4 million. However, Green’s performance does not seem to match the salary. His 46.6% success rate of catching the ball is also the lowest in his career. In fact, green reluctantly accepted the franchise label contract during this year’s off-season, saying he had always dreamed of spending his entire career with the same team, in other words, he wanted to get a long-term contract. But after Sunday’s game, there was a significant change in his tone.

“I’m going to sit down with my wife, my family, my sons and make the best decision for my career.” “At the moment we don’t know what’s going on, but we’re ready to deal with anything,” Green said although green has become the tigers’ third pick, he still believes he can be a great player. Despite its low production, the tigers’ opponents’ coaches have praised it throughout the season. “AJ is a very attractive player,” cowboy manager Mike McCarthy said. “He has been at a high level for a long time, and obviously he is a very dangerous player.” But Green’s future may depend on how many NFL teams view his dismal performance this season. If it is because of the team’s offensive strategy problems, leading him not to get more chances to catch the ball, then he can still have a hot market for the market; but if the decline is due to age and injury problems, then staying in the tigers is still his best choice. It should be noted that he will turn 33 in early 2021. “I live in the present now,” Green said. “What should happen in the future will happen.”

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