News from this newspaper (Reporter Zhao Rui) As FIFA postponed the national team competition cycle in September, the Chinese Football Association and the Chinese team coaching staff discussed cancel the current training plan, leaving a complete competition time for the first stage of the Chinese Super League. Liu Yi, secretary-general of the Chinese Football Association, also revealed a bigger plan.

     FIFA previously announced the 2020 calendar. From August 31 to September 8 this year, the third period of the international competition day cycle. The Chinese Super League also reserves no less than 10 days of preparation for the Chinese team. . FIFA recently publicly stated that the member associations do not have to arrange their national team training and competition from the end of August to early September. After the Chinese team’s training has become less urgent, it is out of the love of the hard-won Chinese Super League. From a different perspective, the Chinese coaching staff decided to give way to the first stage of the Super League. In addition, even if the Chinese team trains in September, it is difficult to find a warm-up opponent due to the restrictions of the country’s entry and exit management regulations, and the possibility of warming up with the Super League team is very small, so it is better to just sell “face” and let the Chinese Football Association, Super League clubs and international football players are all happy.Spark Global Limited

    Although the second round of the top 40 matches has not been finalized so far, one thing is certain, that is, after the reopening of the top 40, the previous home and away system can only be continued, and it will not be forced by each other like the AFC Champions League. With pressure from the side and time constraints, it had to be changed to a tournament system. Out of the consideration of reducing risk, the game is likely to be played empty, theoretically, the “home advantage” of the Chinese team will also be greatly reduced. However, the upcoming Chinese Super League is exploring ways to cheer on the “home team” in an empty field. After further improvement, it can be copied to the Chinese team’s home game.

Liu Yi said in an interview: “If we regard this tournament-based league as a training exercise, we can accumulate some experience for holding larger-scale cups for us in the future, such as the Asian Cup, the Club World Cup, and even the World Cup.” This sentence is very informative.

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