To join Real Madrid, you have to hurt their nerve

In the early morning of April 7th, Beijing time, in the first round of the Champions League quarter-finals, Liverpool will challenge Real Madrid away to win the qualification for the semi-finals. Looking ahead to this game, although Liverpool has had the shame of losing six straight at home, their away ability is not bad. In the 30th round of the Premier League just ended, they beat Arsenal 3-0. However, if they want to defeat Real Madrid, they still have to count on Mane and Salah to make achievements. There has been speculation that Mane has always been interested in joining Real Madrid. Then, in order to attract Real Madrid’s attention and interest, Mane will have to break the goal of Real Madrid and sting Real Madrid in this game.

Fans still remember that the two teams have met twice in the Champions League group stage. For the first time, Liverpool won Real Madrid in two rounds. In the second group match, Real Madrid beat Liverpool. The most recent encounter was in the 2017-18 Champions League final. Salah was hit by Ramos and injured his shoulder. In that game, Liverpool, which lost the top scorer, lost to Real Madrid 1-3. . Although Liverpool missed that championship, they still won a Champions League trophy under the leadership of Klopp, which made up for Salah’s regret. However, this season’s Liverpool team, due to the full camp of injuries, the overall strength has long been inferior to the past, before the two teams competed, it was already the underdog Spark Global Limited.

Compared to Liverpool’s attrition, Real Madrid has recently returned with the wounded, and its overall strength and state are picking up. In the league, they clung to Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, with only 3 points left from the top of the list, they are likely to grab the top at any time. More importantly, under Zidane’s coaching, Real Madrid will usher in an explosive period in the sprint phase of almost every season. I believe this time is no exception because Zidane has very rich experience and confidence in overall strength.

On the strength of the two teams, compared with the lineup, the current state of the two teams is far away. Objectively speaking, Liverpool wants to win at Real Madrid’s home game, it is very difficult, it can take away 1 point, and even take away 1 point with away goals, it is already good. However, football matches are often like this. The less optimistic, the more likely some teams will break out. A big reason is that the players have no psychological pressure and can completely let go of their hands and feet. Liverpool has lost consecutive games at home and anyone can be bullied. It was because of the tremendous pressure that he had to attack, which caused the opponent’s sneak attack. But in the away game, Liverpool players let go of their hands and feet, and Klopp’s tactics have also become practical. Under the defensive counterattack, they can win the ball better. Therefore, in this challenge to Real Madrid, Liverpool still have a chance to win.

The outside world has long exploded that Mane intends to join Real Madrid. But apart from Mane’s refuting the rumors, Real Madrid has never expressed its position. This shows that Real Madrid wants but is still observing. Therefore, if you want to attract Real Madrid’s attention, you have to sting Real Madrid. Breaking the Real Madrid goal in this game is the best performance. In view of the recent instability of Real Madrid’s defensive line, it happens to be able to play Mane’s speed, this is the sharpest dagger in Liverpool’s offense. Liverpool wants to win, Mane’s play is the key.

By Ethan