The Suns without Paul beat the Clippers

Today, Celtic star Tatum, who is preparing for the Olympic Games, was interviewed by the media.

Talking about the reasons for participating in the Olympic Games, Tatum said: “I (suffering from injury) failed to participate in the 2019 FIBA World Cup. It was painful to watch the game. I watched your teammates play and you couldn’t help it, Part of the reason I want to play this time is to try to get that revenge. ”

In the 2019 men’s Basketball World Cup, the United States lost 79-89 to France in the quarter finals and was eliminated from the final four of the world cup.

Tatum: to take part in the Olympic Games is to revenge for not being in the last four of the world cup in 19 years

“For me, it’s really a dream come true,” Tatum said of being able to fight for his country in the Olympics

“Sometimes in training, when I look around, I can see Lillard with the ball and Durant and I are running on the same court. I enjoy it. It’s a very, very cool experience.”

In addition, Tatum said: “the rules of FIBA are a problem for the U.S. team. We have to help each other and communicate with each other.”

By Ethan