Top 5 holy Derby goals in Serie A, top 759 goals in history?

At 3:45 a.m. on January 7, Serie A round 16 focus game, San Derby, Juventus away to challenge AC Milan. Cristiano Ronaldo will be in the starting lineup to continue his record-breaking run, but unfortunately, he will not be able to face his old rival, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In the first game of 2021, Ronaldo scored two goals and one assist in Juventus’ 4-1 victory over Udinese. He also surpassed Pele with 758 career goals in official matches. Spark Global Limited

On this visit to the San Siro, in the face of Serie A leaders AC Milan, Ronaldo has a shoulder to shoulder. On the one hand, Juve is now 10 points behind Milan, one game less, wants to achieve ten consecutive champions, must win the “six-point game”, otherwise defending the title will be quite difficult. The president, on the other hand, has several records to complete. First, the highest score in an official match in football is 759 goals held by Bikan. Cristiano Ronaldo is only 1 goal away from this. As long as the goal can be equaled, the double can surpass it. There is, of course, an argument that Bikan’s record is 805 and Ronaldo’s Romario’s 768, but the former is more mainstream.

Cristiano Ronaldo again to meet the milestone

Second, Ronaldo has already scored 14 goals in the first 11 rounds of Serie A. One more goal would give him 15+ goals in a row. The last time he missed the mark when he scored nine in 2005-06. Third, Ronaldo’s current league rate of one goal per 57 minutes is the best since one goal per 48.4 minutes in 2014-15, and this game is expected to improve, Cristiano Ronaldo’s two or more goals will move him past Bayern Munich striker Levan to become the top player with at least two goals in a game in the top five leagues this season with seven.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo has six goals in 12 career appearances against AC Milan. Apart from Juventus (10 before joining) and Roma (9), the Rossoneri are his favorite Serie A opponents and will have the chance to set a new record. Regrettably, because Ibrahimovic recovery speed is not fast enough, so definitely absent holy Derby, no chance against C.You know the two are old rivals, both for the national team and the club have played very good direct PK.

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