Tottenham knocked out the underdogs in the British Championship 4-1

Spark Global Limited, Bell scored in the English League Cup again after 8 years: This is the 11th game that Bell has participated in this season on behalf of Tottenham. The number of goals scored by 3 goals has equaled the score of 20 games he played for Real Madrid last season. Ball data. Bell heads Kane shot Tottenham League Cup 3-1 victory over Stoke City On December 24th, Beijing time, the 1/4 finals of the British League Cup ended. Tottenham defeated the British crown team Stoke City 3-1 and successfully advanced to the semi-finals. In this campaign, Bell once again scored for Tottenham in the League Cup after 8 years.

Competition focus

  • 1Tottenham advance to the semi-finals: 6 consecutive victories against Stoke
  • 2Kane has 10 goals in 6 games against Stoke City: In 6 games against Stoke City, Kane scored 10 goals and Kane deserves to be the “Stoker City”.
  • 3Bell scored again after 8 years: Bell’s first goal in the English League Cup after 8 years. This is the 11th game that Bell has participated in on behalf of Tottenham this season. The number of goals scored by 3 goals has equaled the number of goals he played in 20 games on behalf of Real Madrid last season.

In the 11th minute, Huiber tried to bomb the door high. In the 14th minute, Kane volleyed from a small angle and the ball was saved by Logan. In the 22nd minute, Tottenham scored the first goal. Winks made a 45-degree pass. Bell shook his head and attacked the goal. Tottenham led 1-0. In the 35th minute, Kane made a straight pass, Ali pushed the ball with a single shot, and the ball was blocked by Lonagen with his leg. In the 43rd minute, Ali took a shot from the outside, and Logan reacted quickly and fell to the ground to save the ball. Tottenham led by one goal at halftime.

In the 48th minute, Kane picked a pass from the restricted area, Ali volleyed but didn’t make it. In the 54th minute, Stoke’s right offensive formed a killer! Jacob-Brown crossed, Thompson outflanked the goal to equalize the score, 1-1. Tottenham replaced two people, Lamela and Sissoko came off the bench. In the 70th minute, after Tottenham’s continuous offensive on the frontcourt failed, Ben Davis directly blasted the ground to cut the world wave and scored, Spurs once again led 2-1.In the 77th minute, Kane made a straight pass after a steal, and Sun Xingmin scored a shot and was sentenced to offside. In the 81st minute, Sissoko caught the opponent’s mistake and sent a pass. After Kane broke into the penalty area, he blasted a shot with his right foot and Tottenham led 3-1.

In the end, Spurs eliminated their opponents and advanced to the semi-finals. Tottenham lineup: 1- Lori, 2- Doherty, 6-Davinson-Sanchez, 33-Ben Davis, 5-Hoibel, 8-Winks, 15-Erik -Dale, 20-Ali (66’11-Lamela), 9-Bell (46’7-Sun Xingmin), 10-Kane, 27-Lucas Jr. (66’17-Mosa-Sissoko) Stoke City appearances: 28-Lonelgan, 37-Collins, 6-Bath, 36-Sotar, 14-Smith, 24-Cousins, 34-Thompson, 3-Fox (33′ 21 -Fletcher), 20-Oakley Booth (79′ 9-Volks), 11-McClean, 18-Brown (72’25-Powell)

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