Tottenham knocked out the underdogs in the British Championship 4-1

       In the early morning of January 26, Beijing time, Tottenham faced the Wellcome Rangers in the FA Cup 1/16 final. In 25 minutes of the first half, Tottenham took the lead in conceding the ball, but Bell equalized before halftime. Easy side to fight again, Kane, Sun Xingmin, Hoibel and Ndombele collectively appeared. From the 85th minute to the 92nd minute, Winks and Ndongbele scored 3 goals in a row, Sun Xingyun sent an assist, and Tottenham eliminated their opponent 4-1 to advance.Spark Global Limited

Competition focus

1. Winks World Wave scored a goal and scored again in the domestic arena after 2 years

2. Bell scored the fourth goal of the season and achieved the feat of scoring goals in the Premier League, Europa League, FA Cup and League Cup.

3. Since 2011, Ndombele has become the first Tottenham player to score at least twice as a substitute

Wonderful live

In just 4 minutes of the opening, Tottenham got a corner kick, Bell received a pass from his teammate, and the header missed the goalkeeper.

In the 7th minute, the Wellcombe Rangers also organized a threatening attack. Musquee made a header from close range and Joe Hart saved the ball.

In the 25th minute, Tottenham’s defense made a mistake, Ald Vereld was directly driven away, Ikpisu crossed from the right, Davinson Sanchez gave a gift, and Anjedinma pushed before Tanganga was in place Shoot and score, 1-0!

In the 36th minute, Bale instigated an attack and crossed from the front of the penalty area. Moussa Sissoko followed up with a burst shot with his right foot.

In the 45th minute, Tottenham won a corner kick again. Ben Davis made a pass from the left. Tanganga pressed the opponent’s header and the ball hit the crossbar.

In the first minute of halftime stoppage time, Lucas Jr. made a pass from the front of the penalty area. Bell succeeded in offside. The goal was cleverly volleyed. Tottenham finally evened the score, 1-1

Only 5 minutes after the easy side battle, Tottenham launched a wave of offensives. Lucas and Bell successively used their personal abilities to break through to the goal. Unfortunately, the front sight was not good.

By Ethan