The Suns without Paul beat the Clippers

The fifth game between the suns and Clippers in the western finals was held in Phoenix. Due to zubaz’s injury, tyron Luhmann entered the starting line-up to form a small team.

The Clippers started with joint defense. In this season’s playoffs, they used joint defense 40 times, and each round let the opponent get 1 point. They performed well. But today, the effect is surprisingly good. The Suns all missed the first four shots, and the Suns started 7-0. Booker also scored a three, but Morris, Reggie and George came forward and scored.

Today, Tyrone Lu let Morris keep on attacking with the ball, and the effect was very good. He had a knee injury before, and today he seems to have fully recovered. Five minutes before the first quarter, Morris scored 6 points in 3, and the Clippers started 18-5. In the first 5 minutes, the Suns made only 2 shots in 8 shots. Except for Booker, only Aton got 2 points.

By Ethan