he final eight of snooker championship

The final eight of snooker championship was officially born after the 10th competition day. Trumpu beat Ritchie Wharton 6-3, and the big three of the post-80s joined hands to win the championship again. Lu Ning defeated Pang junxu in the derby, and played Joe Perry, 46, in the quarter finals. Zhou Yuelong’s opponent was Lisovsky, who eliminated Xiao Guodong.

he final eight of snooker championship
On the previous day, Neil Robertson and Mark Selby were promoted successfully, and the post-80s giants were only short of trump. The world’s No.1 player has not lost the chain. In the face of Richie Wharton, although Trump’s offensive hand is not so good, but the key bureau shows a strong defensive strength, and finds a breakthrough in the stalemate for many times. Trump finally knocks out the opponent by 6-3 and reaches the last eight of the British championship again. In the next round, Trump’s opponent is Karen Wilson.
Karen Wilson is known as the first person born in the 90s. He won the second place in the world championship after defeating trumpu in the World Championships last season, which greatly increased his confidence. In the new season, Karen Wilson is in stable condition, has reached the top of the Champions League, and has been in the top eight of the ranking game for many times. In this British

eight of the ranking game for many times. In this Britishchampionship, Karen Wilson did not meet too many challenges. In the third round, she eliminated Kurt malfoyn, and in the fourth round, she swept Graeme DORT 6-1, and was promoted to the last eight.
In addition to trump vs. Karen Wilson, Mark Selby and Neil Robertson will also have a direct dialogue in the quarter finals. The big three of the post-80s have to go through a hard fight, which is really cruel. From the signing table, if we can win the quarter final, we will have a great chance to advance to the final.
A total of four Chinese players took part in the fourth round of competition. Zhou Yuelong was the first to advance to the last eight. He hoped to meet Xiao Guodong in the quarter finals, but failed to do so. Xiao Guodong was 2-0 ahead of Lisovsky for a time, but then his feeling was low. Lisovsky shot two shots of 60 + in a row, and hit a 107 point at the last moment, which reversed Xiao Guodong 6-4. Lisovsky will compete with Zhou Yuelong for a seat in the top four.
Luning and Pang junxu, a rookie in the professional competition, played a derby. In the first five innings, Luning remained in a normal state and blew out a three stroke 50 +. Although Pang junxu broke 100 in one shot, he was 1-4 behind in the big score. After that, Luning won the sixth inning in the chaos, 5-1 big score to get the match point, Pang junxu saved a match point by 76 points. At the decisive moment, Luning broke 100 points again, and Pang junxu was defeated with 123 points in one stroke, and the victory was locked up 6-2. Lu Ning used to practice with Ding Junhui’s father. He was not only Ding Junhui’s younger brother, but also a good friend. Ding Junhui founded snooker college, and Luning was the first to support Ding Junhui. Although Ding Junhui was out early, Lu Ning broke into the top eight, which was a surprise.
Rooning will face 46 year old Joe Perry in the quarter finals, and rooning, who has created the best record in three competitions, is expected to go further. Judging from the signing table, Zhou Yuelong and Lu Ning both avoided the hot winners. As long as they remained stable, they had great hope to advance to the top four. We hope that Zhou Yuelong and Luning can get rid of the burden, enjoy the game fully and play the highest level. If you win another game, no matter what the final result is, you will get the chance to compete with the top players. This is a good opportunity to accumulate experience in the competition!

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