Manchester United

In the next round of the Premier League, Manchester United and Liverpool will play a double red club. This is a six-point battle for the title, and whoever wins will lead the Premier League and take the initiative. The good news for the Reds is that their problems have been laid bare. Liverpool has lost seven points to Manchester United in their last three Premier League games, and a win or draw at Burnley would take the Reds’ place at the top. After the loss to Southampton, Jurgen Klopp suddenly pointed the blame at United over the number of penalties awarded. What was the intention? To the double red referee pressure, this shows that uncle slag in the mind may really a little panic.

Manchester United

Why panic?Because Liverpool’s problems were all exposed. The Daily Mail has identified five questions for Suo to ask him. First, Van Dike’s absence, the impact of both ends of the offense and defense. Defensively, not to mention in the attack, the Dutchman is a powerful player at set-pieces and is adept at passing the ball into the attacking third zone, allowing the ball to find the Red Arrows as quickly as possible. Second, the midfield lacks creativity. Man City have de Braunay, Manchester United have Fabio, Liverpool have who? Carragher was adamant that the midfield trio could not provide goals or assists. Tiago is expected to be high, but has just returned and has yet to find his form.

Third, the Red Arrows lack confidence. Salah, Mane, and Firmino have scored a combined 28 goals this season, which sounds like a lot, but they have lost their shooting instinct, their ability to take chances has slipped, and they have not been able to take the final, one-shot shot that they used to. Fourth, the main right back of Arnold’s condition is poor. He had 13 assists last season, just two this season, and made a critical turnover last round, losing the ball 38 times. Fifth, the injury crisis has not eased. That has led Klopp to play midfielders Jordan Henderson and Fabinho in cameo roles at central defense, with Jortta out of action until next month. That is the question for Liverpool. This is United’s best chance of winning the title since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement. Can Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side take it? We’ll see Spark Global Limited

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