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According to a report on the MSN website on November 15, the famous F1 driver Lewis Hamilton of the Mercedes-Benz team won the Turkish Grand Prix in a dramatic rain and was crowned world champion for the seventh time, setting a record. At the beginning of this year’s competition, Hamilton was not dominant, but he was patient. When strong competitors made a little mistake for various reasons, he showed his best performance of the season, in the 14th round. Won the 10th victory in, and tied Michael Schumacher’s historical championship record with three more rounds.

At the beginning of the start, the slippery track made all the cars slow and skid constantly. Two Red Bull cars made mistakes due to lack of power, and Max Verstappen and Alexander Alben, who started in second and fourth places respectively, were quickly surpassed by Renault and Mercedes cars.

Stroll, who started from pole for the first time, has been leading the race, and Esteban O’Connell followed Perez on the third start into the first turn. But after he collided with Daniel Ricciardo, the car spun around. At that time, O’Connell was avoiding Hamilton who suddenly appeared on the inside while turning.

O’Connell’s rotation left Bottas with nowhere to hide. Although he avoided the collision, he was overtaken by Hamilton, who responded quickly. He maintained this state, chasing from sixth to third when others kept making mistakes on the wet track. At the end of the first lap of 58 laps, Stroll led Perez by 3.6 seconds. In the next few laps, the two competed, but they all forgot Hamilton.

Hamilton later took advantage of the opportunity of his opponent to change tires when the rain stopped and other small mistakes, and ran cleanly to the first position at Turn 12. Although there was a risk of rain at the end, Hamilton easily led the way. A huge advantage of 31.6 seconds won. Milton had a similar performance at Silverstone in 2008, giving up the opportunity to change tires in bad weather to surpass his opponent. He seems to have a much better ability to control cars than others on wet and slippery tracks.

A tearful Hamilton stood on his sports car, then hugged his team again. He expressed his gratitude to everyone in the team because behind the driver is a whole team. He said: “They have been so supportive of me for so many years, like my family.”

“When I was young, when I watched the Grand Prix, I was dreaming of this day, but today everything has far exceeded our dreams. So I want to say to all those who have dreams, you have to work hard, Chase, never give up, don’t doubt yourself.”

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