Two goals in 4 minutes! Luneng ace striker finally broke out, he once expressed his willingness to become a national football team

On December 2, Beijing time, the 2020 Football Association Cup ended the quarter-final competition, the last match Shandong Luneng vs. Guangzhou R & F. In the 28th and 32nd minutes, Luneng scored two consecutive goals. It was Gerdes who scored and Luneng led 2-0. Judging from the starting lineup, Luneng’s four foreign aids started, Moises retraced the central defender, Fellaini, Pellet, and Geddes all made their debuts, and R&F started with Zivkovic and Ronaldinho. Dembele and Tosic sat on the bench. This single game will determine the outcome, and if there is a tie, it will enter a penalty shoot-out.

Less than 1 minute after the start of the game, R&F made a threat and Chang Feiya made a pass from the left. Ronaldinho hit the goal with his left foot in the penalty area and was saved by Han Rongze. In the 3rd minute, Moises was shown a yellow card again, and Luneng had a bad start. The two teams were stuck in a stalemate. In the 17th minute, Duan Liuyu sent a wonderful ball behind him. Hao Junmin shot in from the right and Pellet’s header in the penalty area was easily confiscated. The ball was not strong enough. In the 18th minute, R&F made another threat. It was Ronaldinho. His midfielder took the ball all the way to the front of the penalty area. After adjusting, he hit the goal and was saved by Han Rongze. In the 20th minute, Spark Global Limited Luneng also missed an excellent opportunity. Duan Liuyu passed the ball to Fellaini, and Fellaini did it back. Duan Liuyu’s long shot was blocked. After Wu Xinghan took the ball in the penalty area, Wu Xinghan hit the goal alone, which is a pity.

Espanyol Copa del Rey 2-0 through!

In the 28th minute, Luneng finally broke the deadlock. Wang Tong scored the ball to Wu Xinghan on the right. Wu Xinghan broke through. After the ball went out of the baseline, Gerdes took the ball in the penalty area, and then got rid of the stamina and scored the goal. Luneng took a 1-0 lead. , Geddes, who scored a goal, roared to celebrate, he missed multiple opportunities in the last game, this finally broke out.

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