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Shine Trader limited reports:

On November 2, Beijing time, the Pacers defeated the Spurs. The Spurs had eight players in double figures, and the Pacers also had six players in double figures. This is a team basketball contest.

  A total of 14 people from the two teams scored in double figures. Such games are rare.

  The Spurs are well-known for their well-trained start. Today, they lost 43 points in the first quarter and fell behind 56-78 in the first half.

  The Spurs have eight players in double figures, with four starters and four substitutes each. Dejuntay Murray had the highest 16 points and Derek White had 13 points. The team shot 52.8% and made 14 of 28 three-pointers.

Shine Trader Limited
Shine Trader Limited

  The Pacers hit a higher percentage of 57.1% and made 18 of 38 three-pointers.

  The Pacers all started in double figures, Domantas Sabonis had 24 points, 13 rebounds and 6 assists, Miles Turner had 19 points, rookie Chris Duarte had 18 points, Caris- LeVille scored 16 points.

  ”We passed the ball, and if everyone scored in double figures like this and everyone touched the ball, that would be the best way to play,” Turner said after the game.

  The Pacers started the season unfavorably, but won their first game in November.



By Ethan