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It can be said that former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and the top five world champion Floyd Mayweather are two famous figures with different styles in boxing field. They are the greatest boxing champions in the history of boxing in the world, and everyone has tens of millions of fans. What’s the relationship between the two champions? In fact, it has been 20 years since 2001. In particular, the issue of who is greater, and the number of gold belts, is the focus of their debate.

the number of gold belts, is the focus of their debate.
Tyson attacked Mayweather. Especially the golden belt thing and who is the greatest thing, let’s see.
Before Mayweather had high-profile show, he is five levels of world champion, has won 16 world championship titles, with a gold waist. Tyson’s been flaunting, Meiser. Tyson thinks there are too many belts in boxing, and it is Mayweather’s men who have messed up the order. In this way, everyone is a champion, not worth the money. With more belts to choose from, boxers have more opportunities to get more dollars.

boxers have more opportunities to get more dollars.
“Boxing doesn’t have too many belts, and it shouldn’t have more,” Tyson said. It’s pointless for Mayweather to show off, because every time it’s a fight for the champion, he can bring a lot of money to the boxer. Are there not enough belts? If there is a champion and 10 challengers, how long does it take for the champion to play against all 10 people? In fact, it’s good to have three world professional boxing champions, because everyone can get paid and everyone can make money
This is Tyson’s attack on Mayweather, who always shows off the number of his gold belts. In fact, Mayweather and Tyson had a good relationship at the beginning. They were all friends and respected each other. Mayweather also often visits Tyson. Mayweather’s father, Mayweather, often goes to Tyson’s training camp. When Mayweather was young, he took pictures with Tyson. At that time, Mayweather liked and worshipped Tyson. In the early days, Mayweather was really aggressive and had a beautiful combo.
However, in the later stage, that is, in 2001, Tyson was about to retire, and Mayweather’s career was just beginning. At this time, the contradiction between the two appeared, and it has lasted for 20 years. A few years ago, Mayweather and Tyson met at the WBC annual meeting. Mayweather stretched out his arm to shake hands with Tyson. As a result, Tyson pretended to make a hook and hit Mayweather’s chin. Of course, it was just a bluff. Mayweather finally made up with Tyson, and Tyson hugged him. But as we all know, it’s just a play on the spot, and the resentment in their hearts is only clear to them.
There is also the question of who is greater, Mayweather or Tyson. Mayweather has more than once claimed that he is the greatest boxing champion in history. He keeps the record of 50 total wins. Ali, Tyson and foreman can’t compare with him. Tyson was very upset after hearing this, and also hit back at Mayweather: “he is very delusional. Look, if he’s as close to that great kingdom as Muhammad Ali is, he can take his children to school by himself. In fact, he can’t take his kids to school alone. He says he’s great? He can’t take his children to school alone. He was a little scared. True greatness is not about exposing yourself to the public. ”
Tyson continued, “I think I’m greater than Mayweather. If I fight him, I’ll beat him up. Including I met him on the street, of course, I had to fight a dirty battle, and I had to do all I could to win
Of course, Tyson is talking about hypothetical situations. After all, it is impossible for two people to fight in reality. “We’ll never fight because of the weight difference, but if he’s also a heavyweight, I won’t fight him like any other boxer,” Tyson said. I’ll be mean, I’ll be dirty. Because you have to do everything you can to fight him, because his skill is fantastic
The above is the fight back from Mike Tyson to Mayweather. From these words, Tyson has no good feelings for Mayweather, only resentment. No wonder their resentment lasted 20 years.

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