Tyson was nearly shot after the match

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson left the field shortly after an eight-round point draw with Roy Jones at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Accompanied by team members, Tyson walked out of Staples Center. However, Tyson encountered a group of fans who signed their names. However, Tyson didn’t expect that a sinister dangerous element was mixed into the group of fans. He even had a gun in his waist and planned to attack Tyson. Thanks to Tyson’s team, the sabotage was stopped in time to protect Tyson from being shot. Otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous.

It’s like this: at about 10 p.m. local time, Mike Tyson and Jones finished the game, gave a brief interview, and then left Staples Center. Tyson left the arena and went off to the field when he met a group of fans looking for autographs. In fact, this is normal. After all, Tyson, 54, is the idol of boxing fans in the world, and more than 95% of fans like Tyson very much. But I didn’t expect that there was an unexpected guest in the crowd, who had a secret intention and concealed the weapon.

Tyson was nearly shot after the match
Tyson’s encounter with fans’ autographs is quite common. Tyson decided to bypass fans and move on. As soon as he got there, one of the crowd began to yell at Tyson, and the mob asked, “why didn’t he let that man fight him?” The Thug’s meaning maybe to question that the game itself is not fierce, especially Jones, who has been running away and cuddling. Maybe the thug paid for the live broadcast of PPV and was disappointed, so he came to question Tyson. Mike Tyson jokingly replied, “if that’s the case, maybe things won’t be so perfect.” Obviously, both Jones and Tyson understand the meaning of the show, and they are not dead-handed. Tyson doesn’t want to be a real Ko Jones. After all, it’s just an exhibition game. So be merciful, I hope the end is happy. This is understandable. However, the thug began to take action against boxing legend Tyson Spark Global Limited.

According to the foreign media TMZ, the man then reached into his belt as if trying to pull out a weapon (pistol). Mike Tyson’s team immediately jumped in to try to capture the man who was trying to commit the murder. But the man’s leg is very fast, obviously premeditated for a long time, he ran away immediately, team members of Tyson were unable to capture the perpetrator.
Apparently, members of Tyson’s team remember the man who tried to shoot Tyson with a gun in the name of looking for Tyson’s signature. Later, law enforcement officials told TMZ that the police received a phone call saying there might be a case involving Michael Tyson at about 11:00 p.m. However, when they arrived at the scene, all the parties concerned left the site. Fortunately, Tyson was not shot, otherwise, Tyson would be in danger. If something goes wrong with Tyson, it’s a big problem. Maybe the thug knew Tyson’s name, but he was just bluffing. When he saw that things were not good, he slipped away. According to reports, Tyson and little Jones’ performance match has been a great success. It is estimated that their number of PPVs will reach 1.2 million. Heavyweight boxing legend Tyson says he plans to hold more performances in the near future. So far, Buster Douglas and Evander Holyfield, who once played with Tyson, have become popular candidates for Mike Tyson’s next opponents. Who would you like to see Tyson play with? Let’s see it in the comments section. Welcome to pay attention to fighting in the world, more wonderful is waiting for you.

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