Falling in love with CBA's first basketball baby? His downturn has nothing to do with it

Recently, there have been rumors about James Harden’s trade. Although Hadden is unlikely to be traded to the Lakers, Lake shows life believes that if the Rockets really send the mustache away, the purple and gold Corps can benefit from it. Soon, the new season is about to start. This is the shortest off-season in NBA history. A lot of things have happened, and of course, many things have not happened. For example, in the James Hadden deal, at the beginning, Hadden only wanted to be sent to the Brooklyn nets. Later, the Rockets’ trading partners extended to the Bucks, the heat, the Philadelphia 76ers, and so on. Of course, there will also be dark horse teams about the Hadden deal. For now, it’s only a matter of time before the Rockets deal with harden. Spark Global Limited


If the Rockets send Hadden away, it may mean that they will start a full sale mode, so PJ Tucker will probably not stay in the team. Tucker will be a very good role player for the Lakers. In essence, he is an upgraded version of makif Morris. Since there is no traditional center on the Lakers’ bench, Tucker can be a rotation in the Laker center position if there is a need to play small balls. The Lakers will definitely be interested in Tucker, and there have been media reports that the Lakers are interested in Ariza, and tucker can also bring in Ariza. Many people may question whether the Lakers have any chips to exchange for PJ Tucker. Because Kuzma has renewed his contract, the Lakers may not send him away. However, the team may pack McKinney, cook, and others for the last round.

In the past season, Tucker averaged 34.3 minutes per game, scoring 6.9 points and 6.6 rebounds. His shooting percentage was 41.5%, and his three-point shooting percentage was 35.8%. During the playoffs, Tucker played 34.5 minutes per game and could get 7.9 points and 7.2 rebounds, with a shooting percentage of 39.8% and a three-point shooting rate of 37.3%. Of course, the Rockets trading Hadden is definitely a good thing for every team in the West. We all know that the combination of John Wall and James Harden may not be the top combination in the league, but they are still enough to make the Lakers suffer in seven series games. After all, harden is an MVP star who can create miracles in the right situation.

Haden’s trade means that the West may lose a competitive playoff team, leaving the Lakers with an opponent to worry about. If Haden is traded, it is very likely that he will eventually be traded to the Eastern Conference, or to a less competitive Western team. It’s not possible for the Rockets to trade harden to a Western powerhouse. It’s very interesting to let Hadden join the warriors and join Kuri. But how can the Rockets help their former rivals? In fact, there are not many chips in the hands of the Western powers. The only one with strength is the pelican of New Orleans, but it seems unlikely that they will give up Zion, Ingram, and other players. It must be a good thing for the Rockets to trade Hadden and the Lakers are missing a strong opponent.

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