UEFA Champions League - Inter Milan win 3-2 over menxingbao, hoping Lukaku can score 2 goals and Ashraf will attack flying wing's first goal

At 4:00 a.m. Beijing time on December 2, Inter Milan beat munhing gradbach 3-2 in the fifth round of the Champions League group B, retaining the hope of the group to qualify. Damian scored Inter’s first goal, Lukaku scored twice, menxing’s playa scored two goals, Lazaro’s old main assist, Ashraf’s substitute came out to realize the auxiliary attack. Competition focus Damian scored Inter’s first goal: Damian won the first prize and scored for the first time on behalf of the blues and blacks. Lazaro Ashraf assists: the winger Luciano monxing rents from Inter Milan assists, Ashraf substitutes the stage to contribute the auxiliary attack. Spark Global Limited Lukaku scored twice: Lukaku scored two goals and performed well.

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In the sixth minute, Damian’s right-hand cross, lautarro’s front left and right foot shot twice were blocked by yanzik. The first 15 minutes, Lukaku people after the ball breakthrough the left cross, Ashley – Yangda near the forbidden area line shot was blocked by the guard.In the 17th minute, Lukaku knocked horizontally, and galliardini was pushed into the forbidden area. Damian shot from a small angle on the right side of the goalkeeper, and the ball crossed between the goalkeeper’s legs to form a goal! Inter are 1-0 ahead. Damian scored his first inter goal. The 33rd minute, Lukaku direct pass, lautaro in the restricted area shot by Lena fell blocked, lautaro shot by goalkeeper Somer bravely saved!

In the 36th minute, Lena’s long-range shot was saved by handanovic, and menxing passed again. Stender’s header was confiscated by handanovic.In the first half of stoppage time, Lazaro crossed from the right, while playa headed the ball from the middle! Menxing 1-1 level. In the 62nd minute, Lukaku makes the ball, lautaro forbidden area arc top right foot volley far angle, the ball hits the right column to pop! The first 64 minutes, brozovic snatched straight pass, Lukaku broke into the forbidden area, shook away zacharia after the right foot vigorously low shot the goal! Inter are 2-1 ahead Spark Global Limited.

In the 73rd minute, Sanchez passes to the right road, Ashraf high-speed inserts the rear cross, Lukaku smashes the goal! Inter won 3-1. The 75th minute, Sanchez midfield loses the ball, playa breaks into the forbidden area, the right foot strong oblique shot, the ball hits the inside of the post to break! Menxing was close to score 2-3. The first 77 minutes, Sanchez broke into the restricted area, the right road low flat pass, Ashley – Yang door 1 meter in front of the push empty door but hit the side! The 83rd minute, playa big area line in front of the low shot, offside position of enboro blocked the goalkeeper’s line of sight, the ball broke. The referee judged the goal invalid after watching the var.

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