United gave a good game away

The fifth round of the Champions League is over. On the second matchday, in group H, United played Paris Saint Germain at home. In the end, United unexpectedly lost 3-1 at home to their opponents, giving up the original excellent situation. After winning the game, Paris ranked second, but because of the last round against the bottom of the group Istanbul, so the probability of passing out is the highest in the group

After this round of competition, group H’s points ranking situation is as follows: Paris Saint Germain, Manchester United, and Leipzig Red Bull all accumulated 9 points. According to the relationship between the victory and defeat, Paris Saint Germain ranked first, United ranked second, and Leipzig Red Bull ranked third. Istanbul, with 3 points, is fourth and has been announced out of the game ahead of time. For Manchester United, the defeat was a pity. According to the pre-match situation, as long as Manchester United draws with Paris, they will be determined to get a place in the group. However, after losing the game, United’s qualification situation turned to be worse, and the possibility of losing the group match was greatly increased.
Let’s take a look at the specific situation of this group. For Paris Saint Germain, if they win Istanbul in the last round, they will lock in the first place in the group; if they draw, they will also ensure the qualification, but they will not necessarily be able to get first place in the group. If there is a draw between Manchester United and Leipzig Red Bull in the same group, Paris will win first place in the group. If both sides win, Barry will win second place in the group If Paris loses to Istanbul in the last round, it depends on another match. If the other match draws, Paris will be out. If the two sides win, Paris will be the second place in the group.

United gave a good game away
For Manchester United, the bottom line they want to qualify is not to lose away to Leipzig Red Bull. The details are as follows: if Manchester United wins away, they will definitely qualify. If greater Paris fails to win at the same time, United will win first place in the group; if greater Paris wins, then United will win the second place in the group; if United draw Leipzig Red Bull on the road, United will also determine the qualification; if Bari loses to Istanbul, United will win the first place in the group; if Paris draws Or win Istanbul and Manchester United will finish second in the group. Leipzig Red Bull’s situation is more difficult than Paris Saint Germain and Manchester United. They have to make sure they win in the last round to make sure they get the place. In the case of Leipzig winning, if Paris loses or draws in another game, Leipzig Red Bull will take first place in the group. If greater Paris wins, Leipzig Red Bull will be second in the group.

Because Leipzig Red Bull’s last round is at home, which is a huge advantage for them, and correspondingly, it is a big disadvantage for United. If they lose away, Manchester United’s Champions League journey will come to an end. There is also good news for Manchester United, that is, Leipzig Red Bull’s main center back ubamecano, who won a yellow card against Istanbul this round, will be suspended for a total of three yellow cards and miss the crucial battle with Manchester United in the final round.
For Manchester United and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, they are only ninth in the Premier League because of their poor performance in the Premier League. Although the recent winning streak, but the team’s state is not reassuring. Especially in the away game against Southampton, although the final reversal to win the game, but united in the first half of the poor performance and two goals behind. It was reported that the club was ready to dismiss Solskjaer. But sochau was tough enough to win over Everton and succeed in his self-salvation. The Champions League is now almost United’s only facade. Solskjaer’s days at Manchester United may indeed be on the countdown if he is to be knocked out of the group stage again in the Champions League spark global limited.

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