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The Netherlands caught the first train in Qatar’s World Cup, coach Van Gaal contributed a lot

The ups and downs of the qualifying battle in the European region of the World Preliminaries has basically come to an end. After the European Cup + Europa League champions Italy and Portugal are self-sufficient, fans are more worried that the Netherlands, which owns Liverpool central defender Van Dijk, will also repeat the same mistakes; The pass was still a surprise, and he caught up with the first train of the World Cup in Qatar-from this it can also be seen that the so-called change of coaches is no big deal, as long as you have the strength and then choose the right person, everything is a matter of course.

Dutch coach Van Gaal won the FA Cup for Manchester United but still dismissed the former to make the former worry

Van Gaal + Moyes is shining, but now Manchester United is in a dilemma

The 68-year-old Dutch legend Van Gaal was ordered to be in danger and brought the former uncrowned king of Europe into the World Cup in Qatar with a little rectification; this old coach, who was dubbed as a chef by the Premier League giants Manchester United fans, took charge of the national team for the second time in a short period of time. This has stopped the dangerous trend of Dutch football continuing to decline. Fans who like tulips can look forward to 5:0 sweeping away the once impossible Spain-flying Dutch football out of its predicament, the future will be a brighter future.

Spark Trader Limited
Spark Trader Limited

Manchester United midfielder Lingard expects to join former coach Moyes as soon as the winter window

It is not only Van Gaal’s extraordinary shot, Manchester United and an abandoned coach Moyes, this season led the mid-range team West Ham ranked fourth in the Premier League and still loves Lingard not in place; in fact, the British media disclosed that West Ham was a little bit slippery. Privately reached a certain agreement to wait for the cheapest of Manchester United; but anyway, when Lingard joined Moyes to continue to shine, there is undoubtedly another choice for England to go to the World Cup.

Funny-former Real Madrid coach Zidane actually declined Manchester United’s invitation to coach with fear inside as an excuse

Manchester United CEO Woodward’s cowhide blew, how many coaches did he miss without a point?

Of course, fans are more concerned about whether Manchester United will change coaches after the national match day, but it is basically certain that the legendary French coach Zidane will not rashly take over; you must know that this man grew up in Serie A Juventus and then went to La Liga Real Madrid to compete. The pinnacle midfielder, with a wealth of experience in the player era and honed with extremely high emotional intelligence-coaching Real Madrid left behind the unprecedented success of the Champions League three consecutive championships, two successive departures did not cause a complete breakdown of the relationship, so there is reason to think that the so-called fear of a wife is nothing more than In order to give Manchester United a little face.

In the Premier League, Guardiola + Klopp missed Manchester United because of their uncertain prospects.

On the other hand, Man Lianlian suffered the ruthless ridicule of the media and Zidane’s refusal. Isn’t it worthy of deep reflection that the dignified Premier League giants are now in this field? I think that when CEO Woodward sacked the famous coach Mourinho, he confidently declared that the big coaches were waiting in line for Manchester United’s call; really hit the face–there are Guardiola and Klopp because of the prospects. Unexpectedly, today, Van Gaal + Moyes has a brilliant record. If Zidane dares to venture into the muddy water alone, it is a fantasy! ! !

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