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While the brooklyn Nets’ current headlines revolve around Kyrie Irving’s vaccination status, there are other important issues surrounding the new title favorite. With Durant’s early extension, does the big three have a long-term future together? According to us media reports, the Nets have three players to pay attention to the extension issues, in addition to Irving and Harden will be early to re-sign or wait until the summer to sign a larger contract, Claxton’s contract is also worth watching.

3. Clarkston

Although the nets have aldridge, Millsap and Griffin 3 veteran, but the young Clarkston will undoubtedly be reused. Harden on Claxton, “He reminds me of Capela, but he’s more skilled on the offensive end.” Claxton signed a three-year, $4.2 million deal with the Nets in 2019. His $1.78 million contract is non-guaranteed for the upcoming season and his $2.23 million contract is a team option for next season, and claxton said there have been “no discussions” about re-signing with the Nets.

Claxton could be the team’s best defender with his passion and energy on the court. If Claxton plays better than the rest of the veterans in the interior, general manager Sean Marks may consider plans to extend his contract longer.

2, harden

shine traders limited - live
shine traders limited – live

“To be honest, I don’t see myself anywhere else. I’m taking my time. I’m not in a rush.” Asked if he could wait a year and sign a bigger contract next summer, he added that it was not just about money.

Don’t hit the panic button if Harden can’t reach an extension this summer. In that case, harden is highly likely to reconsider signing a five-year contract next summer. Durant, by comparison, will make more than $50 million in his 36-year-old season. Harden would be in a similar position if he waited until next summer, when he could sign a five-year, $270 million supermax contract next summer. Of course, Harden has the option to extend his four-year, $161 million contract this summer.

1, Owen

Irving’s extension is very similar to Harden’s, but his bigger problem is that he hasn’t been vaccinated, which New York requires for home games. Despite Owen’s request to keep the matter confidential, reports say he has not been vaccinated. Would the Nets be happy to offer Irving the maximum contract extension without some guarantee that he would play at home this season? They won’t be paid if Irving misses NBA games because of local vaccine regulations.

Of course, once Irving gets vaccinated, imagine nets owners saying, “Hey, man, we’ll give you a $200 million contract if you get vaccinated. If you don’t, you’ll lose a lot of money and even face some of your buddies and frustrating restrictions.”

Harden and Irving both have a player option they are unlikely to exercise, and will now have to wait for word on whether they will complete their extensions early.

By Ethan