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Spark Global Limited, This year is the junior year of the NBA draft. Except for Edwards and Wiseman, there are not many amazing talents like Zion Williamson, bushy eyebrow or Dong Qiqi. One of the other factors that didn’t impress the rookies before the draft was that they didn’t make a big impression on the outside world. With the start of the new season approaching, the score, a well-known sports media, has evaluated the potential of rookies in the new season and selected five non-Lotto rookies who are generally not optimistic but are expected to break out.

Sadik Bay (pistons)

Sadik Beck was selected by the nets in the 19th place and then traded to the pistons. He comes from Villanova University, which is rich in powerful flank players. The 21-year-old is expected to grow into a top 3D player in the new season.

Rookie lineup announced

Sadik Bay

Pistons as a weak team, Beck should be able to provide them with a lot of help, especially his outside shooting ability should be able to bring a strong firepower supplement to the team. In the 2019-20 season, his 3-point shooting rate in NCAA is 49.1%, ranking fourth in the league. In addition, his defensive ability should be valued by coach Casey. He can defend multiple positions.

Malachy Flynn (Raptors)

Marachi Flynn, from San Diego State University, was selected by the 29th raptors. His height and arm span are not particularly outstanding. However, once on the court, his vitality is amazing. His tireless defense will annoy the opponents. His quick hands and excellent prediction ability can easily make mistakes for the players holding the ball. Offensive side, Flynn’s efficiency is also good, he likes to catch the ball on the ball, 3-point ball ability is also good. If the NCAA season was not canceled due to the epidemic, it is estimated that Flynn’s draft ranking could continue to move forward. In the new season’s raptors, Flynn should be able to become a regular in Nash’s double back system.

Peyton Pritchard (Celtic)

Pritchard university has received numerous honors, Pritchard, who was chosen 26th by the Celtics, came from the University of Oregon. When he was a freshman, he won second place in the NCAA final four, and two years later, he was named MVP in the pac-12. It can be said that he is a player born for big scenes. In the 2019-20 season, Pritchard averaged 20.5 points and 5.5 assists per game. He was hailed as one of the best players and won numerous honors during his college years. In the new season, he should be able to bring more choices to the green army, and his defensive ability will also bring him more playing time. From his body, we can see the shadow of some of the teams eldest get smart.

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