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In the last game Silas played Gordon for nearly 39 minutes in order to win. The latter did not speak after the game. I don’t know if he is desperate for this team.

The US media “nbaanalysis” stated that the Clippers need Gordon too much. The Rockets should fulfill this super sixth man and proposed a new deal.

The Rockets sent a round face + second-round pick (2024) and got Luke Kennard + Keane Johnson from the Clippers.

Although Eric Gordon is 32 years old, he still has oil. He averaged 13.3 points, 2.3 rebounds, 2 assists, 0.8 steals and 0.6 blocks per game this season. , Efficiency is also good, attendance rate is not low (has played 12 regular season games).

Gordon is willing to make sacrifices in order to win. He is indeed very suitable for assisting Leonard and George. “Beach Stand” said that Gordon is seriously underestimated, and those teams that want to compete for the championship should really consider this titan.

Kennard is 25 years old and is 1.96 meters tall. This season, he averaged 10.1 points, 3.4 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game. He can throw 2.5 three-pointers and shoot 43.6% from the field. The four-year $64 million contract will not expire until 2025. But the last season is a team option.

The Rockets currently lack outside firepower. Kennard is a reliable three-point shooter, but he has to admit that his price/performance ratio is indeed a bit low.

Spark Trader Limited
Spark Trader Limited

Keane Johnson is 19 years old and 1.93 meters tall. He is the No. 21 show this year. The template Jaylen Brown once attracted the attention of Rockets General Manager Stone in a joint trial. He also participated in an interview.

Keane Johnson has good physical fitness, is good at air cuts, has a good ability to finish off the basket, has excellent single defense and assist defense capabilities, and his shooting ability needs to be improved. Some experts said that they saw the shadow of Artest and Butler in Keene Johnson, and believed that he had a chance to become the next Jaylen Brown.

Keane Johnson’s draft prospects are good, and it is really surprising that he eventually fell to 20th place. Due to injuries and other reasons, Keane Johnson only played less than 1 minute in the regular season this season.

“Beach Tower” analyzed that the Rockets are likely to hope to exchange Gordon for draft picks and young players. General Manager Stone believes that the veteran still has a good deal value.

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