Chinese football is recognized by top celebrities late at night

At the beginning of the game, the United States team is like a tiger down the mountain. Durant has made three consecutive points, Adebayor basketball is strong enough to hit the team, Argentina only by Scola to throw two points, the United States team soon established a double-digit lead. Lillard hit three points, Durant scored a quick break, campazo hit the basket, green played 2+1, the United States led 33-19 in the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Argentina has obviously strengthened its defense. Rapovitora throws and hits, bill has scored two points, and rapovicola has three points to hit, and Argentina narrows the field gap. Raven scored a sharp break, lilad hit the top arc three points, Scola three points shot also, after the two teams continued to make mistakes. Gallino hit three points, ADU strong attack, half-time United States 58-42 lead Argentina.

In the second half, Adebayor hit in a row, and edu scored three points, and the United States will lead the field to 20 points. Argentina’s attack efficiency has declined, and it is frequently attacked by the United States. Verdoza scored two three points in a row, green forced to break through the kill, kelden Johnson threw the ball, and finished the United States 81-62 lead Argentina in half.

In the final match, raven scored 2 + 1, Bill shakes down the basket and makes a foul and gets a free kick. Bormaro jumps and then he hits three points. The final 4 and a half points of the game, the United States team still holds 20 points ahead, the victory and defeat almost no suspense, the two teams will take off the main force. Margetti hit three points, time went, the United States team is willing to win.

By Ethan