V12 racing car you can also have! Aston Martin push racing suit

[new car channel of Pacific auto.com] Aston Martin recently announced that it will launch a “vantage legend suit” which contains the GTE / GT3 / GT4 racing car of the previous generation Aston Martin vantage, in order to celebrate his brilliant performance in the GT arena.



The vantage GT4 is used to compete in the UK GT championship with a 4.7L V8 engine. He first competed in 2009 and won the British GT championship in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2018.


The vantage GT3 is equipped with a 6.0l V12 engine. The high noise makes it gain a large number of fans. It has been serving in the intercontinental GT challenge until 2019. The r-motorsport vantage GT3, driven by Jake Dennis, won the Alan Simonsen pole position award in the 12 hours of Bathurst in 2019. The car that Alan Simonsen drove when he died in an accident in the 24-hour endurance race in Le Mans in 2013 was the vantage GTE. It has the same V12 engine as the GT3, but the air kit is more radical. (article: Zhao Xinjie, Pacific automobile network)

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