Game time: At 1:00 am on April 15th, La Liga progressed to 34 rounds. The form of the championship is already clear. At present, the Spaniard and Mallorca are the most powerful champion contenders in the league, and the championship will basically be here. Produced between the two teams. However, the competition for promotion places in another promotion play-off is extremely fierce. At present, the four teams of Almeria, Leganes, Sporting Gijon, and Vallecano are all determined to win the promotion place in this promotion play-off. Vallecano is currently only two points away from Leganes in 4th place, and only one point away from Sporting Gijon in 5th place, so Vallecano’s desire to move forward is particularly strong. The opponent behind them, Girona, has a 6-point gap with himself, so Girona is less threatening to Vallecano.

Vallecano has achieved 4 wins and 1 loss in the last 5 rounds. In addition to losing to Sporting Gijon, Vallecano has won strong teams such as Almeria and Girona and is in excellent form. It can also be seen from the recent performance that Vallecano has completely wiped out the recent downturn. Vallecano’s home offensive ability is not bad. They have only been eliminated by opponents twice in the past 10 home games. , And they have also broken Barcelona’s goal before so that Barcelona suffered, and Messi was shocked. It can be seen that the team has a strong offensive ability. However, Vallecano’s defense still has obvious loopholes. They have not scored a zero seal at home in the last five league games, and have conceded up to two goals per game. Fortunately, their defense has improved recently. In the last 5 rounds, they have had two opponents with zero seals in two games Spark Global Limited.

For Vallecano, they naturally want to upgrade in the league, but the team’s performance this season has been ups and downs, so there is little hope of getting a direct promotion to La Liga. They can only increase Hope is pinned in the promotion play-offs. Fortunately, several teams in the promotion play-offs did not have an opponent that Vallecano particularly feared. These teams Vallecano have won in history, so Vallecano Has sufficient confidence in the upgrade playoffs. Miranda is currently ranked 12th in the league. They have scored 44 points after 32 rounds. They are 11 points behind the promotion additional area in two fewer rounds, so Mirandis has no pursuit in the league. The plan to upgrade the quota for the play-offs.

Milandis’s recent state is relatively sluggish, they have only one victory in the last 5 rounds. But what is interesting is that Mirandis is a team that is strong when it comes to strength. In the last 5 rounds, they have lost on weak teams, such as Zaragoza Occan and Logronis. Team, instead of losing games, Mirandis faced the strongest players in the league. Midlands once drew with the top team Espanyol 2:2, making Chinese player Wu Lei suffer, and also once won the strong team Leganes 2:1, so Midlands has the attributes of being strong when it comes to strength. . Milandis’s defensive ability is relatively good, especially their away defense, which has blocked opponents 4 times in the past 10 away games. And Miranda has achieved 2 wins, 3 draws, and 1 loss in the past 6 matches against Vallecano and has the upper hand.

By Ethan