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Bryant’s widow, Vanessa and bask in a self-time, different from the previous photos, this time Vanessa obvious dispatch photos tonal very cold, and Vanessa in the autodyne covers her face in her hands, hung his head, a sad look on his face, I can see, the meaning behind the photo, Vanessa Bryant began to miss my late husband.

Vanessa Bryant began to miss my late husband.
Not only that, But Vanessa may have asked, “The beginning of 20 years, the end of 20 years, took almost a full year to accept that you would never come back, and that the rest of your life would be strong with three daughters.”

From Vanessa between the lines, it is not hard to see, in the years after the loss of her husband and daughter jaina, for her influence and growth, Vanessa is 38 years old, belong to the golden age of a mature woman, but at the moment of family happiness, a widowed lost woman, this is unbearable for anyone, and strong Vanessa needs to continue to live, to oneself, also for the sake of her three daughters with kobe Bryant.

Vanessa Bryant began to miss my late husband.

There is no denying the fact that after kobe Bryant’s sudden death, Vanessa from a small princess turned out to be a strong woman, and she needs independence raising three young daughters, one of the biggest nana 17 years old, and the smallest KOKO was only a few months, as a mother, and children only rely on, Vanessa under too much pressure and responsibility; Second, The death of Kobe Bryant left countless spiritual and material double wealth, the legacy of billions of dollars as a unit of huge wealth needs Vanessa to deal with distribution, and “Kobe” the word brought all kinds of social values and spiritual symbols, also need Vanessa to inherit and carry forward.

Time flies, died from Bryant crash earlier this year, up to now only 2020 less than a month’s time, Vanessa and her daughters have experienced too much, there is pain, there are also growing, the important Christmas soon, hope to Vanessa a restart, welcoming 2021 good life, believe that this is Kobe Bryant and Jaina want to see in the sky.

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