shine trader reports

shine trader reports:

Recently, Los Angeles Lakers coach Vogel told the media about the lineup arrangement of the new season. Vogel said that at present, the team’s starting lineup has not been determined. It is uncertain whether to let Anthony Davis play the starting center or the twin towers as in the past. As for the arrangement of veteran Rondo, Vogel admitted that Rondo will not have much playing time in the new season, and his role is more reflected in leadership.

Vogel said: “no decision has been made yet. People have been asking me whether Davis should play as the starting center or the twin towers as in the past two years? To be honest, we have not decided yet. We will observe the performance of these players in the training camp and measure the quality of various lineups.”

This off-season, the Lakers’ lineup has undergone a major change, introducing Westbrook, Anthony and other strong reinforcements. Earlier, some media reported that LeBron James may play No. 4 in the new season, while Davis will play No. 5, which can further open up space. But Vogel has always insisted on using the inner double tower lineup in the past, so it is obvious that he has not made up his mind yet.

Vogel also said that 35 year old Rondo may not get as much playing time as in the past. Vogel said: “I think Rondo’s return is a very positive thing. Although he won’t have so much time to play, his leadership will greatly affect the team.”

In fact, Rondo has long expected that his playing time will be reduced in the new season: “The team management talked to me about my role in this team and what they expect me to bring to the team this season. Obviously, we have a deep position at point guard and I know that I won’t play as much as I used to. But as a mentor for young people, I will do what I do best.”

It is understood that the Lakers will arrange young player Nan as the main substitute for Westbrook. Nan is the fifth highest paid player in the Lakers team and has good scoring ability. The Lakers management attaches great importance to him.

By Ethan