shine trader live reports

shine trader live reports:

For the coaching team, how to help the players keep healthy in the long season is the top priority. Los Angeles Lakers coach Vogel revealed in an interview that LeBron James will implement load management in the new season and will not let LeBron play 82 games in full time.

Vogel also said that the appearance time of the three giants of the Lakers, LeBron, Anthony Davis and Westbrook, will be strictly limited to 30 minutes. Among them, LeBron’s appearance time will be controlled at about 34 minutes.

LeBron has played in the League for more than 10 seasons, and each season has a long time and great loss. For the 36 year old veteran, Lakers management wants to ensure his health. Vogel said: “we will implement load management on him. He certainly wants to play, but we may not let him play 82 games. Of course, I will not make a plan to let him miss many games. I will make a decision during the season.”

Vogel also has strict control over the playing time. He said: “we expect his playing time to be about 34 minutes. But we can’t let him rest off the court for too long, which will affect his state. I will limit the playing time of LeBron, Davis and Westbrook to about 30 minutes.”

This off-season, the Lakers had a big lineup change. In this lake formation, there are many veterans over the age of 30, such as LeBron, Carmelo Anthony, Howard, Rondo, Ariza and little Jordan. How to arrange the playing time of veterans and ensure their health is a major issue. So far in his career, LeBron has played an average of 38.2 minutes. Last season, his average playing time was controlled at 33.4 minutes, a new low in his career.

By Ethan