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According to woj, kenba Walker and thunder reached a buyout agreement on Wednesday morning local time, and Walker will join the Knicks.

Walker’s contract has two years left and 74 million US dollars. It is revealed that Walker will sign a contract with Knicks with an annual salary of 8 million US dollars after being bought by thunder. The Knicks still have about $10 million in salary space before signing walker.

Walker, 31, was traded to the thunder by the Celtics in June. Walker averaged 19.3 points and 4.9 assists last season, with a shooting rate of only 42.0%.

The athletic told team reporter Mike vorkunov that walker had seriously considered joining the Knicks during the off-season in 2019. At that time, Walker said: “before the Celtics extended an olive branch to me, the Knicks was one of my first choices. I thought they would sign another star, but they couldn’t make the trip in the end.”

The Knicks renewed Noel, Berks and Ross this summer, and then signed funier with a four-year contract of 78 million.

By Ethan