shine trade live reports

shine trade live reports:

Reported on September 15:

According to shams, the Rockets will seek to trade vole, and vole will not play on behalf of the Rockets in the new season.

Houston team reporter mark Berman followed up the report that wall did not apply to the Rockets for a deal. The two sides reached an agreement and decided to break up because wall was not in the Rockets’ long-term plan.

ESPN reporter Tim McMahon reported that wall’s contract has two years left of $91.7 million, which is the biggest obstacle for the Rockets to seek a deal. According to sources, the Rockets do not want to send out the first round draft right in the wall deal, and they are not interested in discussing a buyout before the free market next summer.

Sources said that the relationship between wall and the senior management of the Rockets is still very good, and the two sides have maintained frequent communication during the off-season. Rocket executives expressed deep gratitude to wall for his leadership role in the past chaotic season. James Harden asked to be traded, which forced the rockets into reconstruction mode. A series of injuries also led the Rockets to end the season with the worst record in the NBA.

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