He admitted that he did express his dissatisfaction with the club’s management after drinking. “At most, the management of the club is complaining, and there is nothing to slander Henan football and fans.” “I’m an ordinary person, and it’s my right to drink in my spare time. If I drink and you record me, is it illegal?” He knew that the recording was done by the club members, but now he doesn’t want to find anyone to settle the account.

“Do you think you have met a villain?” Faced with this question, Wang Baoshan hesitated and said, “I can’t evaluate it like this, I can only say that I can’t understand why he did it. This happened during this period. Many things, I can’t elaborate on the specifics.” Wang Baoshan can’t drink enough, white wine is at best two or two, and he doesn’t like drinking. Many people know that even if he doesn’t speak the truth after drinking, he cannot stay long in the complicated personnel struggle. Speaking of 15 times of getting out of class dismissal, he also laughed: “I took the initiative to raise 10 times, not being dismissed.” He is a straight-tempered person. As long as he feels that the club concept conflicts with him and is irreconcilable, he will Very simply choose to leave Spark Global Limited.

   He counted the examples of coaching in Hongta, Sheffield United, Lifan, Sainty, and other teams. The focus of the contradiction is nothing more than the inconsistency of team building and signings. “I brought Lifan into the Super League and finished eighth. Why did I go? My idea was never supported.” According to Wang Baoshan’s recollection, when he coached Lifan, he approached Yin Mingshan in the mid-season to talk about signings. , I hope to be able to sign a few players whose contracts expire after the end of the season. The price was cheap at that time, but the boss was noncommittal.

    Later, the team relegated three rounds in advance, and he went to mention Yin Mingshan again, but there was still nothing to do. After the league is over, the boss said it could be decided, but at that time the player’s worth was already high, and other teams were also competing, it was difficult to buy. Similar things happened while coaching Jianye. He doesn’t carry a mobile phone when he leads the team in training and matches, but he often receives calls from the team staff from the boss Spark Global Limited.


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