Wang Yizhu occupy a main offensive position

Each Olympic cycle is four years, but the next Olympic cycle is only four years, because the Tokyo Olympics are postponed for one year. In the next Olympic cycle, many players will leave the national team. Among them, Yan Ni and Liu Xiaotong are the most certain. Now, both of them are too old and injured. They have dedicated a lot to the national team. They really should take a break. Moreover, the Chinese women’s volleyball team did appear to be unavailable in the secondary and main attack positions. Otherwise, Liu Xiaotong and Yan Ni would not insist on this. Zeng Chunlei saw Chen Boya come to the fore, and Liu Yanhan’s smooth transition, knowing that the Chinese women’s volleyball team no longer needs to rely on her in the position of support, so he chose to quit and start a new life. If it is not available for the support position, I think Big Flower Bud will clench his teeth, just like Yan Ni and Liu Xiaotong.

The Chinese women’s volleyball team has four main offensives, namely Zhu Ting, Li Yingying, Zhang Changning, and Liu Xiaotong. Liu Xiaotong will retire from the national team after the Tokyo Olympics. Zhang Changning is unknown. I think she will stick to it. It can be seen from this year’s league. Zhang Changning’s physical stamina is very good. It shouldn’t be a big problem to insist for another three years. In other words, in the next Olympic cycle, the Chinese women’s volleyball team will have an empty position for the main attack. Then who will fill this position? At present, the highest voice is Wu Mengjie from Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team. Wu Mengjie has the reputation of Xiao Zhuting! Of course, one shouldn’t forget that there is also Wang Yizhu in Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team, and Che Hanwen of the Shandong Women’s Volleyball Team is also staring at this position!

When Che Hanwen first emerged, it also attracted the attention of many fans, and there were many articles praised by him at that time, mainly because her height was really good, reaching 1.93 meters. However, in the talented Shandong women’s volleyball team, Che Hanwen did not find her footing, did not become the main force of the team, and rarely had the opportunity to play. At present, she has not been paid attention to by the fans, and she cannot be in Shandong at the same age as Li Yingying. Women’s volleyball occupies a major position, and people still have certain doubts about its level and potential. As for Wang Yizhu, I am not optimistic about her. Wang Yizhu’s innate conditions are still good. Although he is only 1.88 meters tall, he has excellent jumping ability and the height of the spike and the block height reach or exceeds 1.93 meters. , But Wang Yizhu’s golf quotient is not high. This is the biggest gap between her and Li Yingying. The mentality of the game is not as good as Chen Boya. The Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team also put a lot of enthusiasm and devotion into him, but she still performed very well in the league finals. Not satisfactory Spark Global Limited.

Wang Yizhu and Che Hanwen are both unbearable, are they definitely Wu Mengjie? Actually not, how can a player who can’t even play in the professional league talk about the national team? After first impressing the head coach of his own club with his strength, consider the national team after having a good performance. In Cai Bin’s eyes, he is not as strong as Wu Han and Xu Luyao. How could he enter the national team? The above high school ages are mixed with children who are very good in junior high schools, and may not be able to cope with the college entrance examination. This is a cruel and realistic problem.

By Ethan