The 5 Bundesliga champions are crazy! 3 goals in 18 minutes

Since the Lakers traded Westbrook and vowed to win the championship in 2022, they have become a destination that attracts veterans. There have been media reports that Howard has a great probability of returning to the Lakers, and now the two sides have reached cooperation again.

Although Howard was once blacklisted as a Los Angeles fan, he finally got rid of his curse after he returned briefly in the 2019-20 season and helped the Lakers win the championship with a down-to-earth and diligent attitude.

Now, Los Angeles, with almost no center, certainly welcomes him. Howard maintained a good state in the 76ers last season. He played 13.5 points and 18.1 rebounds every 36 minutes as a substitute in the playoffs. His cooperation with LeBron and Caruso has been very tacit. Now he has Westbrook, which is still very expected.

It is worth mentioning that the Lakers brought in more than one old face during the off-season. In addition to Howard, Ariza and Ellington, who once played for the Lakers, were also signed back. Many netizens joked: “I really want to see this episode.”

Some experts commented: “do the Lakers in 2022 want to go back to win the championship in 2014?”

By Ethan