On November 20, Beijing time, Klay Thompson suffered a torn right Achilles tendon and is expected to miss next season. The American media Fansided gave the Warriors a strategy, believing that they could chase a wing to replace Clay, with Claude, Gallinari and others on the list.

The combination of Thompson and Stephen Curry is known as the “splash brothers”. With his help, the Warriors won the NBA championship three times in five years. There are many wing players in the free market. Although they can’t completely fill the vacancy left by Clay, they can also improve the Warriors’ competitiveness.

According to a report by Forbes reporter Ben Stinar, several teams with the ability to compete for the title are interested in Bazemore. Are the Warriors included?

Bazemore’s shooting has been good, he can rely on his athletic ability and ball-holding ability to score. Last season, he averaged 10.3 points per game with a shooting percentage close to 40%. His ability to score on the bench can benefit every team. In addition, he is a reliable defensive player.

However, there is a reason why he wanders around in the league. He hasn’t worked hard enough, and his stats will decline significantly in the playoffs. In every playoff game, his field goal percentage is less than 30%.

Seventh place: Jeff Green

Green has athletic ability and three-point shooting ability, he can score. If given him a large enough role, he can easily score in double figures, and he can do it efficiently.

But his stability is questioned. During his last season with the Rockets, he averaged 17.3 points per game with a shooting percentage close to 60% in the first 4 games of the preseason. However, after that, he averaged only 8.8 points per game with a 43.9% field goal percentage, and in one game he was 3 of 11.

Although he can score a lot of points, if he fails to make a shot, his value will plummet. Green is not a good defensive player, nor is he an organizer. In this way, most of the time he can only score from the bench. It looks good, but the Warriors don’t just need this.

Anthony has always been an excellent singles player. Although this style of play has changed throughout the league, the Warriors are still one of the teams with the highest mid-range points. In the Warriors system, Anthony can score easily. In the Trail Blazers last year, Anthony proved that he can still hit the key ball. Even when targeted by LeBron James and the Lakers on the defensive end, he still worked hard to stay on the court.

Anthony’s problem is that he is unwilling to accept smaller roles. It’s not clear whether this situation will change because he always wants more chances to touch the ball, which is obvious when he plays for the Trail Blazers.

Fifth place: Stanley Johnson

Johnson’s physical fitness is outstanding, and he may become one of the Warriors’ best perimeter defensive players. Clay is now down again, and Andre Iguodala has left, this is especially important. Johnson is a good defensive player. When he played for the Raptors last season, his defensive efficiency was 96.7.

Johnson’s main problem is his shooting. Last season, his three-pointer percentage was less than 30%, and he never made more than 70 three-pointers in a single season. This will limit the Warriors’ offense.

Fourth place: Glenn Robinson III

Last season, Robinson helped the Warriors in scoring. He has the ability to catch and shoot the ball, can open up the floor, and he has a good vision. If it weren’t for Robinson’s consistent scoring, the Warriors’ performance last season would have been worse. Moreover, the advantage of his height and arm length allows him to defend multiple positions. This comprehensiveness is commendable.

Robinson has no weaknesses, but some players do better than him. If the Warriors cannot sign the next three players, they may choose to sign him.

Third place: Rodney Hood

An Achilles tendon injury caused Hood to miss some games, but it seems he is the perfect role player next to the Trail Blazers. This should allow him to blend into the Warriors easily.

Hood can easily score points. Whether it’s a dribble jump shot or a catch shot, Hood can score points on any team. Before the injury, he could contribute 11 points with a 49.3% three-point shooting percentage. If his performance can approach this level, then the Warriors will welcome him to join.

By observing his game, we can find that Hood is not an influential defensive player. Nevertheless, his offensive advantage will cover his defensive disadvantages. As long as his Achilles tendon injury does not seriously affect his mobility, Hood should be able to get enough playing time with the Warriors.

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  1. According to a report by Forbes reporter Ben Stinar, several teams with the ability to compete for the title are interested in Bazemore

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