According to ESPN’s report, the Warriors and the Thunder reached a deal. The Warriors sent out a protected first-round draft pick in 2021 and got Oublay from the Thunder.

The first round pick sent by the Warriors is protected in the top 20. If it is protected, the Warriors will send two second-round picks instead. According to ESPN reporter Bobby Marks, the Thunder created a special case of $14.4 million in this transaction.

Some people may not understand the Warriors’ deal. For example, Rockets owner Fertitta, after seeing the Warriors’ luxury tax amount for next season, he forwarded it as soon as possible, but Fertitta chose to delete it. . Before the deal, the Warriors’ luxury tax bill for next season was $66 million. After adding Oubre, the team’s luxury tax next season will increase to $134 million.

In the summer of 2019, Oubre and the Suns signed a two-year contract worth 30 million US dollars. Next season, Oubre’s salary is 14.4 million US dollars. In other words, including the extra luxury tax, Oublay’s joining cost the Warriors owner an extra $82.4 million.

Oubrey played for the Suns last season. He became a bargaining chip and was sent to the Thunder in the previous big deal between the Suns and the Thunder for Chris Paul. However, the Thunder is a rebuilding team and did not intend to cultivate Oublay. Soon afterward, it came out that the Thunder intends to send Oublay away.

A very important reason for the Warriors’ pursuit of Oublay is that Klay Thompson was injured again and is expected to be reimbursed for the season. The team needs to strengthen the wing. Although not as good as Klay Thompson, Oublay’s future in the Warriors is still worth looking forward to.

In the 2015 NBA Draft, Oublay was selected with the 15th overall pick in the first round. Before playing for the Suns, he played for the Wizards for four seasons. Since entering the league, Oublay has improved every year. In the past season, Oublay played 34.5 minutes per game, scored 18.7 points, 6.5 rebounds, and 1.5 assists, shot 45.2% from the field and 35.2% from the three-point field.

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