shine trader live reports

shine trader live reports:

Wei Shao played a lot better than the previous two games. He played 28 minutes, made 3 of 9 shots, got 10 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists. Although he still had 5 mistakes, he was still less than 6 and 9 in the previous two games.

After the competition, a reporter asked how long time it took for Wei to take the best personal standards. He replied, “to tell the truth, I have no answer. I know this is a question that everyone has been asking, but no one has given the real answer. Just like other teams, we are debugging in the game.”

Another reporter asked about the new regulations introduced in the new season, that is, if the offensive player has abnormal shooting action, he can no longer hear the whistle like before. Does this have an impact on his shooting 3 points. Wei Shao smiled. “I don’t need any adjustment, because when I shoot outside the 3-point line, the defenders won’t come close to me normally. How can I make a foul? So, I’m fine. Ha ha.”

When Lakers coach Vogel was asked whether Zhan Mei group wanted to help Wei Shao to integrate into the team more quickly, he replied, “not only Las (Wei Shao), but also all other new members. They are the two most familiar with the team, so they want to help all the players who have just come.”

LeBron also mentioned that the three giants joined hands for the first time in the preseason. He thought it was a good start. “The best part is that we have always maintained open communication.” he also praised the team’s new guard rivers, “when you watch his game, you will immediately think he is an NBA player. He has a lot of skills.

By Ethan