Spark Global Limited reports:

On July 30, Beijing time, the Lakers and the Wizards have officially reached a transaction agreement, sending Russell Westbrook, the second round signing in 2024 and the second round signing in 2028 to the Lakers in exchange for Kyle Kuzma, Kenta wells claddeville Pope, Montez Harrell and the first round signing of this year.

Interestingly, Westbrook became the first MVP player traded for three consecutive seasons in NBA history, creating an embarrassing record. In the previous two seasons, he was first traded to the Rockets by the thunder and then to the Wizards by the Rockets.

According to the famous NBA reporter shams, Westbrook is fully ready to become a Lakers. Westbrook is a local star in California. He always studied and played in California before entering the NBA. In high school, weishao studied at luginger high school. In college, he played in UCLA, a famous basketball school. While playing in UCLA, Westbrook was elected the defensive player of the year in the Pacific ten leagues and helped the team reach the top four of the NCAA.

According to sources, as an outstanding alumni of lukinger high school and UCLA, Westbrook has always been eager to return to his hometown and hope to help the Los Angeles Lakers win the championship again. Now, he finally got what he wanted.

Despite Westbrook’s departure, Bradley bill, another star of the wizards, had no intention of leaving at all. Westbrook and bill have a good relationship in private. According to media reports, Westbrook and bill have always maintained communication during this off-season. They both hope to make each other realize their wishes and let the Wizards benefit from them.

According to shams, with Westbrook leaving the team, the wizards will build a team around bill. Bill has no idea of leaving the Wizards.

By Ethan